Our Commitment to Data Security: Gomocha Re-Certifies SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

We’re pleased to announce that Gomocha has re-certified our SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ information. SOC, which stands for Systems and Organizations Controls, is a framework of requirements for service companies established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPA) that shows that an organization’s practices and controls keep customer data secure.

Prescient Assurance, a leader in security and compliance certifications for B2B and SAAS companies, audited Gomocha.

Gomocha also holds SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27000:2013 certifications, demonstrating our strong portfolio of security credentials. We are committed to secure data — guaranteed — giving our clients peace of mind that their and customers’ information is always safe.

Below are just a handful of the security measures Gomocha implements regularly:

  • All Gomocha contractors and employees undergo background checks before being engaged or employed by us per local laws and industry best practices.
  • We embed the culture of security into our business by conducting employee security training and testing using current and emerging techniques and attack vectors.
  • All development projects at Gomocha, including on-premises software products, support services, and our own Digital Cloud offerings, follow secure development lifecycle principles.
  • We perform annual penetration testing on systems and products by internal security engineers and external penetration testing companies to ensure a comprehensive and real-world view of our products and environment from multiple perspectives.
  • All customer cloud environments and data are isolated using Gomocha’s patented isolation approach. Each customer environment is stored within a dedicated trust zone to prevent accidental or malicious co-mingling.

Field service organizations increasingly rely on technology to streamline and optimize their operations, enabling them to become more efficient and provide higher-quality service. As companies utilize digital means, strong data security measures like those Gomocha follows are imperative.

Crucial Data Security Steps to Implement

Field service organizations must proactively implement data security steps, including secure encryption methods, firewalls, frequent software updates and patching, and device password protection.

Further, companies should conduct security audits regularly to ensure technology is functioning correctly, identify vulnerabilities, and handle risks before they cause problems.

According to a joint study by security firm Tessian and Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock, employee mistakes cause 88% of data breach incidents. Incorporate good data security practices into your employee training so your staff knows the proper steps for handling information with care.

Field service organizations can also demonstrate their dedication to safe information handling by pursuing a SOC or ISO 27001 certification, as Gomocha has done.

The importance of data security for field service organizations must be addressed. There are numerous benefits of stringent data security practices, including:

Safeguarding Customer Information

Many field service organizations have access to sensitive client data, such as contact information, payment details, and service history. A breach of this information can result in significant financial losses, a damaged reputation, and other severe consequences. Keeping customer data secure should be top of mind for field service organizations as they grow their client base and collect more data.

Complying With Industry Regulations

Field service operators are subject to data protection laws and regulations. Failing to comply with them can lead to legal repercussions. When your organization prioritizes adhering to security protocols, it shows you are committed to ethical business operations.

Preventing Cybersecurity Attacks

Proactive data security practices help protect your field service company against cybersecurity threats like phishing schemes, malware, and ransomware attacks. Implementing security protocols like data encryption, security audits, and regular software updates can help your organization identify and handle cybersecurity threats before they cause damage.

Strengthening Your Field Service Organization’s Reputation

Your customers expect you to manage their information responsibly and securely. Failing to keep their data safe can cause them to lose trust in your organization. When your customers know that their information is in safe hands with your company, you build strong relationships with them, and they’re much more likely to continue working with your business long-term.

Gomocha knows data security is essential for every field service organization in today’s digital age. That’s why we take regular, proactive steps to keep information safe to protect our customers’ data and comply with industry regulations. Moreover, by making data security a company focus, we prevent cybersecurity threats and increase our clients’ confidence and trust in our business.

Is your field service organization ready to securely digitalize its operations to uncover hidden efficiencies and streamline processes? Get a first-hand view of what Gomocha can do for your company.