Meet Gomocha, the field service platform for forward-looking field service operators.

Through a combination of service demand management, dispatch scheduling, technician enablement, and analytics – plus white glove service that always has your back – Gomocha is the solution to streamline and optimize your field service operations.

The Gomocha Mission

Gomocha is dedicated to helping field service operators uncover hidden efficiencies and thrive. We streamline, optimize, and digitalize your field service operations, so you can be sure to support all of your customers with top-notch attention to detail – all day, every day, everywhere. 

The Gomocha Vision

Gomocha supports forward-looking field service operators streamline their order intake, dispatch, and scheduling processes, and service delivery processes. Often, field service organizations cobble together outdated methods and multiple systems, instead of supporting new business models. This method prevents them from running efficient operations, keeping customers happy, and maximizing revenue. Instead, Gomocha simplifies field service digitalization. 

The Gomocha field service platform creates opportunities for more efficiency, better service, and happier customers, making a digitalized world for field service operators possible.

Gomocha Leadership

Gomocha is backed by experienced executive leadership.

Martin Knook, Gomocha CEO
Martin Knook, CEO
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Marcel van Beek, Gomocha COO
Marcel van Beek, COO
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Trent Thacker, Gomocha CTO
Trent Thacker, CTO
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