Category: Employee Spotlight

Gomocha Powers Field Service Organizations with Robust Functionalities: Insights from Our Sales Manager

Remco Olthof, Sales Manager, Gomocha

The Gomocha team is dedicated to helping field service organizations uncover hidden efficiencies. We streamline, optimize, and digitalize field service operations so managers and technicians can support their customers with top-notch attention to detail. The Gomocha Field Service Platform offers a rich array of functionalities, including real-time timekeeping, accurate parts management, and asset data from… Read more »

Gomocha Employees Work Together to Solve Customer Challenges: Expert Perspectives from Our Quality Analyst

Ekta Shah, Quality Analyst

At Gomocha, we understand the importance of frequent user-experience testing to ensure our field service platform is always up to par. We maintain the highest standards to provide our customers with the best technology solutions so they can reveal hidden service efficiencies and win in a service-first world. Our field service platform’s strength relies heavily… Read more »

Gomocha Provides High-Quality Solutions to Field Service Frustrations: Insights from Our Management Consultant

Guilherme Cunha Mendes, Management Consultant

Many field service organizations experience reduced team efficiency when technicians engage in tasks that don’t fall under their specific responsibilities. This seems to be a common challenge that industry companies face. At Gomocha, our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to solving this issue and other challenges that field service organizations face. Gomocha Team Highlight:… Read more »

Gomocha’s High-Quality Solutions to Field Service Challenges: Expert Perspectives from Our Onboarding Specialist

Nikoleta Sinikchiyska, Onboarding Specialist

Gomocha is dedicated to helping field service organizations reveal hidden service opportunities and win in a service-first world. The field service platform is the high-quality solution for companies looking to deliver the best possible customer service. The Gomocha team is comprised of motivated and hardworking professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on… Read more »

Maximizing Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction with Gomocha’s Digital Approach: Insights from Our Global Onboarding Manager

Bastiaan Pierhagen, Global Onboarding Manager, Gomocha

At Gomocha, we have employees who are second to none in what they do and how they think ahead in the complex, ever-changing field service industry. As a result, we are constantly improving our platform with solutions-driven insights into real-world problems. Gomocha Team Member Highlight: Bastiaan Pierhagen Our Global Onboarding Manager, Bastiaan Pierhagen, leads the… Read more »

Gomocha Experts Offer Easy Solutions to Complex Problems

Steven Stewart, UX/UI Designer

Living in the solution is a way of life here at Gomocha. We take customer industry challenges and excel at finding real-time, real-life solutions that work and benefit customers seeking answers to challenges. The Gomocha Team Strives to Find Solutions to Industry Challenges At Gomocha, we have employees who are second to none in what… Read more »