When it comes to trust, transparency is the only way. 

Every day, companies around the world trust Gomocha with their data. 

The Gomocha Trust Center is your hub for learning more about our approach to information security, privacy, and compliance. 

Gomocha takes ardent measures to secure your data and keep it safe.  
All data within the Gomocha Platform remains private and protected. 
Gomocha stays on top of regulatory requirements to ensure quality and security.

Gomocha Security 

Gomocha’s data encryption capabilities protect customers’ data and information, keeping it secure and confidential. 

Gomocha Privacy 

Gomocha takes your privacy and the privacy of your customers seriously.  

Read more on Gomocha privacy accountability and our specific Privacy Policies

Gomocha Compliance 

Gomocha takes certifications seriously. We’re continually upgrading our approaches to information security, privacy, and compliance, achieving and maintaining global certifications, including: 

SOC 2 Type I

AICPA SOC blue label

A SOC 2 Type I audit reports on the design of security processes at a given time. 

SOC 2 Type II

AICPA SOC blue label

A SOC 2 Type II audit generates a detailed report that examines the same controls, processes, and procedures as Type I. It has an observation window over a set period, typically 12 months. 

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certified by Prescient Security white, black, and red label

ISO 27001 is a global standard mandating control for establishing, maintaining, and certifying an information security management system (ISMS). 

Gomocha’s ISMS covers all areas of a complete information security program and maintains customer information and data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

Certificate of Registration


White Glove Service 

Gomocha provides white glove service, so you deliver the best quality service to your customers.  

We take on data security so you can focus on your customer satisfaction. 

When it comes to trust, transparency is the only way. 

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