SOC 2 Compliance Demonstrates Your Field Service Organization’s Commitment to Protecting Customer Data

SOC Compliances and What They Mean for Your Field Service Organization

SOC, which stands for Systems and Organizations Controls, is a framework of requirements for service companies established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPA). It demonstrates that your practices and controls keep your customer’s data secure. SOC compliance is essential to the service industry because it gauges how well an organization performs in internal information processing and regulates that information.

Types of SOC Compliances

There are different types of SOC compliances that your organization can achieve, and each SOC has subtypes. The most solid compliance proof is called SOC II-Type II and guarantees that an independent review of certified professionals has been conducted and concluded that the systems and procedures comply with the regulations.

A SOC 1 audit evaluates an organization’s impact on its customers’ financial reporting, while a SOC 2 reviews whether a company is protecting its customers’ data. That’s why SOC 2 compliance is essential for organizations that use cloud service providers or SaaS.

SOC 2 Type I looks at a snapshot in time, where an auditor comes in at a point in time and evaluates your field service organization. While SOC 2 Type II examines the same controls, processes, and procedures as Type I, it has an observation window over a set period – typically 12 months, but sometimes shorter.

A SOC 2 Type II audit generates a detailed report of many pages easily exceeding hundreds of pages of confidential information. This detailed audit report generally covers but is not limited to the following aspects of the Compliance standard: Security, Accountability, Confidentiality, Processing integrity, Privacy.

The vital business reason comes from – if you are storing customer data and information in the cloud, you must plan for and carry through with compliance.

Properly handling sensitive data is key to customers’ and other organizations’ trust. Since the SOC audit is a complex process, it is performed yearly to ensure that your documents, infrastructure, and platforms are in place, accounted for, and functioning.

Benefits of SOC Certification to Gomocha Customers

Gomocha is proud to have achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. We are committed to implementing the proper security measures to protect our customers’ data.

Having a SOC 2 Type II certification provides the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Gives them peace of mind. Our SOC certification helps our customers feel confident knowing that we’re operating ethically and complying with security regulations to keep their data safe. The SOC 2 report is the primary document that proves an organization is taking proper safety measures. This documentation provides us with the information we need to share with our customers to show them we have the processes and procedures to handle their data securely.
  2. Demonstrates to them that we maintain secure technology over time. The SOC 2 Type II audit process requires that operating effectiveness is measured and tested for a minimum of six months. This proves to our customers that maintaining a secure product is our top priority.
  3. Provides them with improved services. Our certification gives us the tools to be well-prepared to streamline processes because we better understand the data safety risks our customers face. This allows us to offer improved services.
  4. Shows them we are committed to overall IT security. Because customers know we’re dedicated to protecting their data for the long term, they choose to work with us over competitors that focus less on data security.

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