Gomocha Provides High-Quality Solutions to Field Service Frustrations: Insights from Our Management Consultant

Many field service organizations experience reduced team efficiency when technicians engage in tasks that don’t fall under their specific responsibilities. This seems to be a common challenge that industry companies face.

At Gomocha, our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to solving this issue and other challenges that field service organizations face.

Gomocha Team Highlight: Guilherme Cunha Mendes

Guilherme Cunha Mendes is a Management Consultant at Gomocha. His role focuses on maximizing customer value and improving their business using the Gomocha Field Service Platform. He also works closely with customers to understand their business operations, which allows him to tailor the platform’s features and capabilities to their needs and make tangible and measurable improvements to their operations.

Guilherme has eight years of experience in strategic and management consulting and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Throughout his career, he has collaborated on projects in various industries with diverse needs, including asset valuation, digital transformation, financial modeling, project prioritization, and process optimization.

Gomocha Solves Challenges that Field Service Faces

To solve the team efficiency challenge, Guilherme explains that Gomocha provides clear job assignments and roles to each team member through its task assignment and scheduling features. With predefined workflows and automated task allocation, technicians can focus on their designated responsibilities, leading to improved efficiency. The platform can also track the time spent on each task, helping managers identify deviations and ensuring that team members work on the right tasks at the right time.

Further, field service companies frequently need more information for the right planning, which leads to rework. Guilherme says that the Gomocha Field Service Platform offers centralized data processing and real-time updates, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available to field technicians and planners. This information includes service history, customer preferences, equipment details, and past work orders. With comprehensive data at their fingertips, technicians can make informed decisions, and planners can better prepare, reducing the chances of errors or rework. Gomocha’s mobile access allows technicians to view critical information on-site, improving service quality and time.

Field service teams also need help with high costs for changing processes and adapting digital environments to the business. Guilherme explains that Gomocha is a flexible and customizable platform that can adapt to the specific needs of a business. The field service platform offers configuration options to tailor workflows and processes to match the organization’s requirements without requiring significant changes to the underlying system. This reduces the cost and complexity of system adaptations when business processes evolve. Moreover, the platform’s scalability allows businesses to expand their operations without significant disruptions, thus keeping long-term costs in check.

Gomocha Facilitates Seamless Transition Toward Servitization

“Today, the field service industry is creating momentum to transition from traditional business models to servitization. This shift entails moving away from the notion of ownership toward an economy centered around outcomes. One of the key driving factors behind servitization is finding the right balance between risk and reward. In this context, Gomocha emerges as the ideal solution to mitigate risks and facilitate a smoother and faster transition for the field service industry,” Guilherme says.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform is vital in reducing operational risks by streamlining processes for field workers, providing them with essential information to deliver exceptional service consistently. Further, the platform effectively collects and analyzes data, enabling planners and managers to make informed decisions for business improvements and optimization.

From a broader perspective, Gomocha equips individuals with the right tools and data in an intuitive and user-friendly manner in this complex environment. Guilherme highlights that regardless of their roles, each stakeholder benefits from the platform’s comprehensive approach, fostering a seamless transition toward servitization.

Gomocha’s Digital Approach Helps Eliminate Frustrations

Gomocha’s digital approach addresses and alleviates common frustrations by eliminating the reliance on outdated control methods and time-consuming manual activities and processing, Guilherme explains.

However, the true differentiating factor, Guilherme says, lies in the way that Gomocha operates, particularly its seamless integration with various systems, ranging from ERPs to communications platforms. This unparalleled interface enables comprehensive automation of the entire process, from order creation to seamless customer communication.

Gomocha optimizes workflows and enhances efficiency throughout the operational chain by bridging the gap between different systems. This unified automation saves valuable time and resources and improves overall customer experience by ensuring smooth and timely interactions.

Gomocha doesn’t just offer the benefits of digitization, which are now widespread but instead goes beyond by providing a game-changing interface that integrates with existing systems, elevating the industry’s capabilities and unlocking new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Combining his consulting experience with a deep understanding of Gomocha’s capabilities, Guilherme plays a vital role in ensuring our customers achieve their business objectives while using the full potential of our product. Gomocha empowers the field service industry to embrace change confidently, navigate the risks inherent in the shift toward servitization, and seize the opportunities with this transformative economic model.

Learn more about Guilherme Cunha Mendes on LinkedIn.

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