Gomocha’s High-Quality Solutions to Field Service Challenges: Expert Perspectives from Our Onboarding Specialist

Gomocha is dedicated to helping field service organizations reveal hidden service opportunities and win in a service-first world. The field service platform is the high-quality solution for companies looking to deliver the best possible customer service.

The Gomocha team is comprised of motivated and hardworking professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on field service businesses. Our skilled team enables us to offer a high-quality product that streamlines and optimizes our customers’ field service operations.

Gomocha Team Member Highlight: Nikoleta Sinikchiyska

Nikoleta Sinikchiyska has worked for Gomocha as an Onboarding Specialist/Product Expert for a year. Her role focuses on onboarding new customers and customizing the Gomocha Field Service Platform based on their needs to drive their businesses forward. Before starting her position at Gomocha, Nikoleta worked as a sales assistant at Mango, where she gained skills in providing exceptional white glove experience.

Gomocha Is the Solution to Field Service Challenges

Organizations in the field service industry deal with several frustrations as their teams manage the day-to-day operations required to run a business.

Smooth scheduling is a particularly significant challenge that field service managers face. Trying to schedule multiple technicians for customer jobs and keeping track of their availability is a tall order. Nikoleta explains that Gomocha’s integrated scheduler, which managers can use to assign work and holiday schedules to technicians, is the perfect solution to this problem. The scheduler indicates when a tech is available for work and when they are out of the office, streamlining the scheduling process for everyone involved.

Further, Nikoleta points out that many field service companies need help to gather their data because they are trying to manage multiple programs and software portals simultaneously. She emphasizes that Gomocha completely automates all work processes in one field service platform, making the data-collection process seamless.

Taking a Digital Approach Is the Path to Field Service Success

A digital approach can ease the frustrations that many field service companies experience. Organizations strive to maintain efficiency and productivity. Shifting most processes to digital operations will enable companies to achieve the most effective and efficient production.

“By using a digitalized approach, clients can streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs, and there is less place for human error,” Nikoleta explains.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform gives organizations the digital technology to eliminate frustrations and optimize operations.

Through her work as an Onboarding Specialist/Product Expert at Gomocha, Nikoleta strives to provide top-notch support to our customers, implementing our field service platform to solve their challenges. Gomocha is the all-in-one solution for work order management, scheduling, customer and asset data, parts management, knowledge, quizzes, teamwork tools, and mobile capabilities.

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