Gomocha Employees Work Together to Solve Customer Challenges: Expert Perspectives from Our Quality Analyst

At Gomocha, we understand the importance of frequent user-experience testing to ensure our field service platform is always up to par. We maintain the highest standards to provide our customers with the best technology solutions so they can reveal hidden service efficiencies and win in a service-first world.

Our field service platform’s strength relies heavily on our employees’ expertise and dedication. Our team members are committed to helping us provide an exceptional technology solution to all our field service customers.

Gomocha Team Highlight: Ekta Shah

Ekta Shah is a Quality Analyst at Gomocha. Her work is focused on performing testing on our field service platform. Ekta is passionate about testing software, and she explains that testing daily helps to ensure features are running smoothly and find bugs. She also plans bi-weekly releases to fix bugs and improve the Gomocha platform.

Gomocha Values High-Quality Work

The Gomocha team is dedicated to providing a high-quality technology solution that helps our customers manage all their field service operations with one easy-to-use platform.

Ekta, who values quality work over quantity, says, “Providing good quality software to customers and keeping them happy is my goal. The moral is happy customer, then happy employee.”

Gomocha Employees Work Together to Solve Customer Challenges

When there is a customer challenge, it can be tough, says Ekta, but laser-focus on problem solving is the way to go. Ekta emphasizes that when there is an issue, the Gomocha team works together to provide a high-quality solution and deliver it to the customer.

Field service organizations experience frustrations when employees aren’t all on the same page. Ekta explains that, before making any promises to a customer, teams should have an internal discussion. Because several departments typically work together, internal meetings can help employees brainstorm effective solutions and discuss how to provide them to the customer, ensuring everyone is aligned on what they need moving forward. The Gomocha Field Service Platform can help all team members collaborate and stay connected, giving everyone the resources to remain on the same page and easing frustrations.

Keeping the Gomocha Field Service Platform up to date and running smoothly for our customers is one of our top priorities at Gomocha. Our team members like Ekta do that by conducting regular testing, keeping our platform current, and promptly fixing bugs and other issues. Ready to uncover hidden efficiencies and win in a service-first world? Get a first-hand view of what Gomocha can do for your organization.