Gomocha Powers Field Service Organizations with Robust Functionalities: Insights from Our Sales Manager

The Gomocha team is dedicated to helping field service organizations uncover hidden efficiencies. We streamline, optimize, and digitalize field service operations so managers and technicians can support their customers with top-notch attention to detail.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform offers a rich array of functionalities, including real-time timekeeping, accurate parts management, and asset data from the field. Our employees are committed to providing the best solution to ensure our field service customers thrive.

Gomocha Team Highlight: Remco Olthof

Remco Olthof, Gomocha’s Sales Manager, has worked in IT for 14 years, with 10 of those years for Gomocha. For the first four years of his career, he focused on the business side of software development, which led to a consultant role when he began his employment with Gomocha.

Remco says he is always commercial-oriented when working with customers and is dedicated to finding opportunities to help customers in the best way possible. In the last five years, he shifted to focus exclusively on new business sales, assisting prospects in making the right decisions to support their operations using the knowledge he gained from his experience in field service management.

Gomocha Facilitates Smooth Field Service Operations

Remco describes a challenge that a Gomocha customer was experiencing before using the field service platform. The company needed to service multiple assets with one or more technicians at one customer site. It was essential to bundle all the assets into one service order but still work with multiple technicians without knowing which would service the asset and register the time spent on each asset. Further, the other technicians needed knowledge of the already serviced assets.

Remco shares that now that the customer is utilizing Gomocha, the platform facilitates these structures in providing and executing exceptional service at customer sites.

Gomocha Prevents Cobbling Together Outdated Methods and Multiple Systems

Remco explains that many field service organizations are frustrated because they are using different kinds of point solutions, including paper-based or Microsoft Word and Excel, for timekeeping, parts booking, expense registrations, checklist management (e.g., inspection or maintenance checklists), and managing activities like breakdowns, maintenance, inspections, and installations.

He emphasizes that Gomocha takes the frustration out of field service operations by providing all the features to manage these tasks with its configuration options. Organizations can tie different activities into the platform with various configuration workflows using the available designers within the field service platform.

Gomocha also includes the option to incorporate any digital form, such as an inspection checklist, and it is only visible when required. This results in a streamlined process to register each specific service activity. Field technicians only have to follow the process steps and register what is needed, which prevents distractions and unclear ways of working.

A Digital Approach Results in a Better Customer Experience

“Using a digital approach, field service organizations can manage different service responsibilities with more ease and better overview,” Remco says. He explains that taking a digital approach using a field service platform like Gomocha enables companies to record customer and asset information digitally, and all information is available in seconds, resulting in a better customer experience. This helps managers stay on top of the outstanding work, manage SLA constraints, and always provide the required information to field technicians for a first-time fix and first-time-right improvement.

A digital approach allows technicians to avoid writing service reports by hand and create them digitally after each service visit. This removes the frustrations of an inefficient order-to-cash process, incorrect hours registration or parts booked, or unreadable service reports, which need multiple interactions to correct the information in the finance system.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform creates opportunities for more efficiency, better service, and happier customers, making a digitalized world for field service operators possible. Each of our employees plays a significant role in ensuring the platform is the high-quality solution to power field service organizations across numerous industries.

Learn more about Remco Olthof on LinkedIn.