Gomocha Experts Offer Easy Solutions to Complex Problems

Living in the solution is a way of life here at Gomocha. We take customer industry challenges and excel at finding real-time, real-life solutions that work and benefit customers seeking answers to challenges.

The Gomocha Team Strives to Find Solutions to Industry Challenges

At Gomocha, we have employees who are second to none in what they do and how they think ahead in the complex, ever-changing field service industry. As a result, we are constantly improving our platform with solutions-driven insights into real-world problems.

We are thrilled to start a new blog series highlighting our Gomocha team members and their work to solve the complex problems that the field service industry and customers experience.

Gomocha Team Member Highlight: Steven Stewart

Our top UX/UI Designer, Steven Stewart, leads Gomocha’s new innovative design approach that provides an efficient and smooth process for field technicians to complete work orders. The new workflow approach allows techs to track their progress for each order from start to finish.

Gomocha consistently offers ways for field service workers to streamline processes, such as tracking progress on work orders and boosting operational performance, according to Steven. He explains that Gomocha offers field management solutions to make organizations more agile and effective. For example, with Gomocha’s indication/feedback system, field service operators can see accurate error messages and work order status and type to help them make informed decisions fast.

Steven also quickly points out that the Gomocha Field Service Platform’s new modernized user interface maximizes the platform experience. With an easy-to-navigate information architecture, Gomocha provides all field service information in an organized manner with a consistent layout that improves usability. In addition, Gomocha’s clear and consistent font style and sizing, icons, and colors for multifunctional indicators ensure field service operators have a seamless experience when using the platform.

These small UI tweaks significantly impact users by facilitating tasks that dispatch technicians, schedule workers, access work, track processes, and improve time management.

Gomocha also optimizes employee work schedules and service routes, tracks how and where assets and inventory are used, reports on productivity, and automates billing and customer interactions. The ability to seamlessly collect, track, and analyze crucial data (like job completion times, expenses, and field notes) reduces the likelihood of scheduling, completion, and billing work errors. These improvements can streamline clients’ operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Steven says his professional background propels him to find solutions to the issues field service professionals regularly face:

“As an individual with a deep passion for both innovation and design, I began my professional career initially in the Engineering industry. However, I’ve always had a niche for problem-solving applications. Shortly after completing my undergraduate, I discovered the world of UI/UX Design. After doing some research, I knew this was the perfect direction for me to pivot to — the combination of the things I love the most, utilizing problem-solving abilities to implement solutions through user interfaces to maximize the user experience across platforms.”

Gomocha Boosts Operational Efficiencies

According to Steven, boosting operational efficiencies is the name of the game, and this is the area in which Gomocha excels, solving complex problems and helping clients generate more revenue.