Gomocha Conducts Second Round of Testing for Its New Innovative Design Approach

Gomocha prioritizes user experience testing to provide its customers with the most up-to-date, high-quality field service platform. We recently conducted a second round of usability testing and gained user feedback on our new innovative design approach. This study round focused on UX-related findings, such as user flow navigation, usability, and user-friendliness.

Our team tested various areas of our platform, including a responsive design for the side menu navigation, dashboard home, and function block configuration screen. Field service technicians (operators), desktop commercial app users in the U.S., and desktop commercial app users in Canada participated in this most recent round of testing.

Below are insights from some of the usability tests we conducted:

Responsive Design for Side Menu Navigation

Gomocha tested a prototype for a new concept around the menu navigation. The navigation is intended for the use case of responsive design capabilities, including smaller web windows and devices with smaller screens, such as tablets.

This test had a 90% success rate, with 9 of the 10 users completing the user flow task. Further, 75% of users agreed that this design is “easy to use,” and 60% agreed that “this design capability met their requirements.”

Optimized User Interface

The Gomocha team asked for feedback on a new feature concept that focuses on optimizing the user interface. In the expand state, the work order filtering options are present. In the collapsed state, the work order filtering options are hidden, maximizing the number of work orders users can view on a single screen by optimizing vertical space. We collected data to understand how valuable users believe this kind of functionality is, and we utilized a prototype directive to gauge if users can successfully execute this flow.

This test asked users how interested they would be in having a feature that can optimize the user interface to highlight other elements on the page on a scale of 1 to 10. The median rating was 9.5 (very interested). We also asked participants how often they would utilize this feature. The results revealed that 85% of users would use this feature several times a day per week. 7 of 10 users completed this user flow task.

Diverse Representation of Mobile Devices in the Configuration Preview Section of Function Blocks

This test aimed to gain feedback on the potential value of a new feature allowing users to have diverse representations of mobile devices in the configuration preview section of function blocks. A drop-down menu for all options for each device type and labels for additional information, such as “screen size” and “model,” are present. We collected data on users’ interest, value, and comprehensibility of this feature.

On a scale of 1 to 10, participants were asked how interested they would be in having a feature that allows different device selections. The median rating was 8 (interested). The test also asked users how important diverse device representation is to them. 100% of users agreed that having this capability provides either a very or somewhat level of importance. We asked participants whether they understood the features on the page. 70% agreed that they did, and 30% answered “neutral.”

After this second round of usability testing, we will include and implement the design concepts into the final designs for the Gomocha Field Service Platform. Once we implement our new design approach, we will conduct further testing to track the results of these user experiences, including user satisfaction, usability, pre-existing or new pain points, and increased vs. decreased overall user experience.

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