Gomocha Tests New Innovative Design Approach: Positive Customer Feedback

Gomocha is pleased to share that we’re testing a new innovative design approach for our field service portal. We aim to make our platform more user-friendly, visually appealing, user-centric, and informative. To ensure we achieve our objectives, we conducted 10 A/B tests related to components of the portal’s new design approach. This included improving the information architecture by increasing readability and visibility with additional labeling and modern design visuals for a clean display. We also tested for increased user-friendliness by providing extra help messages and simplifying navigation regardless of expertise level to ensure an intuitive design.

Below we share customer feedback on some of the design elements we tested:

UI Update Test: Dashboard Help Message

The first UI update that Gomocha A/B tested was the dashboard help message. Variation B, the help message and action button, was the winner.

Here are comments about this UI update from our customers:

  • “I like being prompted. It makes me feel more at ease in a situation I am not familiar with.”
  • “The user interface of this page has a welcoming and intuitive design, with interactive tools that can utilize during work.”

UI Update Test: Dashboard Analytics

The next concept we tested was our dashboard analytics, and variation B — labeling on charts — was the winner. Read what our customers had to say:

  • “With the labels on the chart, it’s like having a friendly companion who explains and clarifies its content, making it easier to comprehend.”
  • “By incorporating labels, the creators of the chart have made it more approachable and user-friendly, allowing people to comprehend its content easily.”

UI Update Test: ‘Create New’ Button Location

We A/B tested the location of our ‘Create New’ button and found that customers prefer the button at the top of the chart. Here is some feedback from a customer:

  • “I like that the option to “Create New” is among the first links on the page. It would make more sense to be on the top. After all, honestly, if I were trying to find that button and didn’t see it at the top of this page, I might not scroll the whole way to the bottom because I wouldn’t expect it to be there. I would expect the long list shown, with no “Create New” option on the page.”
UI Update Test: Notification Overlay

We discovered that the white-with-red icon variation of our notification overlay was the winner for this UI update. Here’s what a customer had to say:

  • “From what I have observed, the utilization of a white and red icon ensures that new notifications are easily discernible, sparing users from the hassle of having to search extensively within the notification inbox.”
UI Update Test: ’Edit’ Pop-Up Overlay vs. Page

For this A/B test, we evaluated whether customers prefer the ‘Edit’ function as a pop-up overlay or a separate page. We determined they found it more user-friendly as a pop-up overlay. Read some customer feedback on this UI update:

  • “From what I have observed, I am confident that the preferred approach lies in integrating a pop-up overlay, which simplifies the editing process for different fields without the inconvenience of loading new pages.”

At Gomocha, we are pleased to receive positive feedback on our design approach and continue striving to provide the most seamless technology solution for field service organizations.

Gomocha also recently released new UI updates to the Gomocha app to provide a more high-quality experience for our field service users. These updates included modernized fonts and styling, a new color palette, and redesigned Flow Navigation, making Gomocha more intuitive.

Regardless of your field service objectives – whether you want to empower your technicians to perform at their best, outpace your competitors, or ensure compliance with industry rules and regulations – Gomocha provides exceptional, white-glove service. We take pride in helping you streamline and optimize your field service operations.