Current Field Service Technology Improves Business Operations

Excellent customer service is a valued hallmark of effectiveness in the field service technology marketplace. Yet unforeseen economic demands and pressures can sometimes make this a challenge. However, while today’s unprecedented issues remain and change, technology is meeting us more than halfway. As a result, technology is changing the field service industry and its outcomes for the better.

Keeping Up With the Demand 

The field technician on-site now has technologies only dreamed of in the past, making our industry modern. This provides field service teams with access to a wealth of information on-site. Multi-person video conferencing and cloud-based computing also enable technicians to ensure parts are ready to ship or available for order when setting up an appointment with a customer. This is a fantastic opportunity for field service technicians to use information from technology to keep up with rigorous customer demand and be situated ideally to upsell.

Improvements in Cloud Security  

Fortunately, cloud technologies have allayed security industry fears. They are stable and ready for new service opportunities with communications platforms, knowledge bases, and central systems. In addition, costs for cloud technologies have become more affordable and are now available for software as a service. Further, though economic uncertainty is still a concern, improving data speeds is improving our industry. Faster speed means faster service.

While most field service enterprises benefit from software and technology, the fact remains that one size doesn’t fit all. Companies can be like people, requiring solutions well-suited to the needs of a culture. Flexibility in culture and having options are paramount. Every field service manager’s core responsibilities must be made available through either the cloud or service technologies that allow them to help their clients operate.

Apply Technology to Find Deeper Understanding

Field service teams must be familiar with the new technologies and how to use them in their corporate cultures. Knowing how to apply technology to improve weaknesses is crucial in allowing organizations to understand how all the different parts of technology can revolutionize their culture and promote sales and customer service.


Are you up to date with the latest technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s field service industry?, Kris Oldland, Field Service News.