Organizations Can Leverage Field Service Technology to Improve Performance

It’s been said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Take advantage of the vital opportunities field service technology can offer to boost outcomes. Measurement is essential to improve performance in the field. Data is the measuring stick to ascertain how things are going. Keeping tabs on KPIs is also a valuable asset that field service technology upgrades can deliver. Field service management (FSM) technologies offer crucial upgrades during these unprecedented times.

Challenges Bring Change and Transformation

For transformation, you need complete data and actionable insights. Transformation comes from building a system that can provide effective field service documents and synthesize field reports for technicians.

Transformation comes from using the newest FSM technologies to boost your assets. Establishing baseline measurements is key to starting effectively. Dashboards measure workforce, parts, performance, and customer satisfaction, offering a solid baseline. Only some business intelligence (BI) dashboards are created equal, and industry standards have exceeded Microsoft Excel. Having sufficient data available is vital for actionable insights and the ability to analyze what is happening in the field.

Take a Holistic Business Approach to Field Service Technology

Service intelligence brings gains to businesses, giving them vital information from the field and a way to understand and use the data. However, relying only on average service KPIs can be risky. Performance metrics from the field assist in making crucial service decisions by giving you a holistic approach to information gathering.

FSM’s transformative technological advances measure customer satisfaction, employee skill level, and overall service performance. However, averages from outdated means of collection don’t disclose the specific details you need to make critical service decisions. Customer service is crucial in this new world of labor shortages, and these metrics are vital in understanding the bigger, newer picture.

Today’s service organizations need to look beyond traditional workforce management software and basic business intelligence (BI) tools. Using service intelligence solutions brings solid deliverables. Service intelligence software gathers all your service data, analyzes it using service AI, and then provides executives, technicians, and agents with the critical information they need precisely when they need it. Service intelligence software measures every service aspect, including workforce performance, which is vital to achieving first-time fixes and customer satisfaction.

In addition, measuring performance and determining where the workforce spends too much time gives you a complete view of performance issues and identifies the need for company training.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction and Measuring Asset Performance

FSMs can tell you where assets have the most breakdowns. Moreover, the software helps to find issues leading to repeat visits and prevent customer escalations before they happen. FSMs help organizations understand the respective trends and customer risk scores.

Best Next Steps for Your Service Organization Performance

If you’re still using standard BI or analytics platforms, you can take some essential steps to get an in-depth view of your organization. First, determining and identifying common KPIs and data points will give you a comprehensive view of your assets, such as event type or failure description, field employee identification, asset installation date, field technician visit date, and visit duration. Next, preparing to resource the build is critical to identifying a data team and expert field technicians who will build and review data. Finally, plan a process for reviewing the data you generate. This will put you in the right direction toward implementing the FSM technology you need to improve your organization’s performance.


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