Unleash the Power of Data by Going Paperless

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 9, 2017, and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Studies conducted by Alameda County California government, IDC Research, and more show that paper-based companies spend $2 per employee for the paper and $7 to $10 on printing, copying, processing, distributing, storing, and retrieving it. However, many companies need help deciding to replace paper-based processes completely. That’s because “going paperless” can be fraught with uncertainty, and change is quite difficult.

Have you ever asked yourself, “If we’re living in ‘The Digital Age,’ why do we still consume SO MUCH PAPER?”

Alternatives to Paper Field Service Operations

Many solutions are available to replace paper contracts, work orders, invoices, and other documents. Some solutions focus on replacing the physical paper, while others create additional efficiencies by storing, analyzing, and manipulating the content in those forms.

One of the best parts about going paperless is that you can easily share and store information. You also minimize errors. The work in the field will change because technicians will use their mobile apps to complete their work. Replacing the physical paper form with an electronic document is an easy solution and saves about $2 a day if it replaces paper completely.

Maximize Profitability by Going Paperless

However, the best approach to going paperless is adopting a system that allows you to create electronic forms with a database structure, enabling you to archive, search, analyze and learn from the data. With a database-structured solution, you save an additional $7 to $10 per day per worker because you won’t be processing, storing, distributing, and retrieving paper. And when you save a total of $9 to $12 per day per worker by going paperless, you’ll see a jump in your profit margins.

Sounds good, right? But the actual value of this solution is that you deep dive into the data to identify weak links to be addressed, and you can reconfigure processes and forms in response to changing customer needs. The result? Higher first-time fix rates, happier customers, better customer retention, and a further boost in profit margins.

I bet you’re saying, “But these paperless solutions are daunting to implement because more technology is required!”

The Good News is, Now There’s FMP360

It’s standard, off-the-shelf software that doesn’t require programming to create a database of all your forms. Once the database is created, all information is readily available to produce a variety of digital formats.

Gomocha’s FMP360 allows you to create simple and complicated forms in just a couple of hours. Need to change your forms? The solution enables you to create new versions without limitations— without IT specialists!

The Answer’s Simple: It’s Gomocha!

Interested to learn about our form-configuration tools? Request a demonstration, and we’ll show you in just 30 minutes how your forms come together to streamline and optimize your business processes. Our solution costs less than $2 per day per employee, so go paperless and watch your profits increase by $5 to $8 per employee!