Keeping the Mobile in Mobility

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 21, 2017, and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

The ability of organizations to provide efficient field service functionality is an ever-intensifying focal point in today’s high-demand world. One recent study suggested that the field service management industry will increase by 12%, to over $3.2 billion annually, by 2021. Higher customer expectations and organizations’ commitment to providing excellent customer service fuel the growth. Because efficient communication between a company, field service technicians, and customers is the key to success, it’s no wonder the field service industry relies more on mobile devices.

That Good Old Pen and Paper

Many organizations still rely on pen and paper for their field workforce to complete their daily activities. This same workforce will typically use a cellular phone to receive information about updates to their work throughout the day. This usually means that workers are talking on their phones, writing notes and instructions, and then going back to summarize their work, again with pen and paper. These same users still need time to enter the same information into a computer.

Mobility is More Than Carrying an Electronic Device

Field workers need to perform their work to be their most productive. Therefore, for an organization to increase its field workforce efficiencies and move to digitalization, it must embrace mobile technology. In addition, organizations need to efficiently deliver information and instructions – not just data – to their field technicians, where and when it is required.

Gomocha’s FMP360 understands the need for proper mobility in an ever-increasing mobile-centric world. Field technicians in all industries benefit from using a mobile device daily. For organizations that implement FMP360 as part of their mobility platform, these same users can get rid of pen and paper and complete all of their work on their mobile devices. In addition, users and organizations can choose their preferred devices and platform for their mobile field service operations.

To simplify and streamline your organization’s operations, Gomocha will guide you in implementing the FSM technology to thrive. Gomocha solutions uncover hidden efficiencies, matching skill with demand, so your field team delivers an exceptional customer service experience time after time. Learn more.