Equip Field Service Workers with the Technology Tools to Be Successful

Field service workers are problem solvers. Digitalization is key to connecting workers to quick, practical solutions. Technicians’ job responsibilities, from giving accurate quotes to ensuring your organization has the appropriate available inventory, are essential. New field service management (FSM) technology is the way to help solutions-orientated technicians achieve desired customer service outcomes.

Here are some valuable tips for helping your field service workers excel in their roles using new FSM technologies, keeping in mind that sales and service are two sides of the same coin: 

Field Service Technologies Streamline Scheduling and Dispatch for Workers

Balancing critical work orders, maintaining customer and employee satisfaction, and ensuring optimized routes for travel make scheduling and dispatch one of the most challenging aspects of keeping a field service organization running smoothly. Equip your field service managers with the right technology to give them the ability to assign orders to their workers easily. FSM solutions help managers review technicians’ location, job progress, schedule, skills, and other factors to determine the best person for the job.

Field Service Workers Monitor Inventory with Software Solutions

Inventory is key. Service is sales. An  accurate and available inventory  is key to giving field service technicians the tools they need to prosper.

When defining revenue generation through technology, often overlooked is parts management. When technicians order parts on-site with customers, greater delays can occur. Part of sales is knowing what your customer needs before they do. Seamlessly ordering the parts that customers need is intrinsic to effective customer service. Technology assists in the win here.

Parts management can partner with technology solutions like Gomocha to measure and manage while joining technological dots. These areas are critical to the top and bottom lines.

Analytics Allow Teams to Measure Their Efforts

FSMs, such as Gomocha’s FMP360, provide managers and technicians with analytics tools to measure an organization’s efforts and improve. These analytics capabilities help field service teams spot trends and critical metrics for the company and create reports for visual representation.

Digitalization Is Key to Field Service Effectiveness

Through digitalization, we can facilitate scheduling and dispatch, track the movement of parts, locate inventory, and measure analytics. Technological advancements in the digital realm help teams balance consumables and the customer’s needs for assets and improve bottom-line profits.