Modernization in Mobile Workforce Management

Sometimes we must be the change we want to see in the world. In business, this is as true as ever. Mobile workforce management (MWM) software for utilities is the key ingredient in modernizing and updating field operations.

Newer digitalization capabilities are vital and central forces in updating analog ways of doing business. Developing modern and agile workforce management when collaborating with field workforce and business leaders is essential to streamlining and efficiency in business practices. Field service management (FSM) technologies allow your IT and business unit to see and strategize more broadly and efficiently. Technological advances that come with FSM allow your company digital and workforce management maturity that better assesses opportunities in field workforce management.

MWM Software Provides Numerous Benefits for Field Service Organizations

Utilities using MWM solutions benefit in several ways. Improved productivity, faster and more accurate assessments, and reduced travel and scheduling times mean MSM investments pay for themselves within months, producing cost-effective operations. In terms of market direction, utilities continue to redesign to confront energy transitions in the market. Therefore, using digitalization is a business imperative.

Gartner Highlights the Important Role MWM Solutions Are Playing in Field Service Companies

According to Market Guide for Mobile Workforce Management Software for Utilities, a recent industry report from Gartner, “Utilities are replacing aging niche mobile applications with MWM platforms with embedded support of standards such as Common Information Model (CIM) to standardize data exchange and ISO 55000 for and coordinating asset management activities.” MSM tools help companies adapt to change.

MWM market observations establish that utilities are “investing in cross-business capability improvements and technologies.” Utilities continue to “integrate work and manage assets across engineering, energy technology, operational technology and business (IT) domains.” Transformational opportunities abound within the current energy transition where decarbonization and decentralization move utilities to become more agile in their approaches through MWM products that support digitalization and optimization.

Gartner Provides MWM Recommendations for Field Service Organizations

Gartner’s industry report, suggests, “Utility CIOs should seek MWM solutions that can optimize a broad spectrum of utility work” and “Enterprise MWM solutions can optimize and orchestrate work in ways that disparate legacy utility systems cannot.”

Key criteria utilities should consider when exploring MWM solutions relate to integration, compatibility, domain expertise, alignment with their mobile technology roadmap, and what future business models will look like, including plans for a multi-experience development application.

Technological and digital optimization continues to be a top priority for field service organizations because optimization brings deliverables in mobile applications, functional requirements, and self-service and field personnel. MWM software, like Gomocha’s FMP360 field service platform and mobile app, provides these companies with the resources they need to modernize and streamline their operations.


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