Gomocha Offers Innovative Solutions to Solve App Development Challenges

High-quality app development is critical for delivering valuable results for field service organizations. Companies can avoid revenue loss and boost the bottom line by assessing how they leverage app technology and reviewing their processes in this area. Gomocha’s innovative solutions provide field service organizations with the tools they need to improve the customer experience and shorten service-to-cash cycles. Better apps mean better management, and Gomocha delivers cutting-edge mobile technology to optimize field service companies fully.

Effective Mobile Apps

Overcoming obstacles in intuitive user experience is crucial for field service organizations to build effective mobile apps. Apps are vital to today’s businesses for many reasons, but primarily because they are the interface of the future. In addition, apps are necessary to facilitate digital transformation and generate corporate data for employee productivity, creating differentiation in value chains and providing a high-value digital experience. 

Obstacles and Answers

However, some obstacles with apps lead to poor user experience. Trends show overly complex apps hinder effectiveness. That’s why it’s essential that enterprise apps only include the necessary functionality to minimize confusion. User experience is undoubtably a top challenge confronting businesses utilizing app technology.

While there has been a significant focus on development and infrastructure when it comes to mobile solutions, spending must expand to focus on testing and improving the administration of app technology.

Fortunately, Gomocha can help field service organizations leverage mobile solutions to streamline the customer experience and improve the service-to-cash cycle.

Working Together

A lack of uniformity in app development is also one of the problematic issues that Gomocha can help the field service industry solve.

Another challenge enterprises face is building apps on the various operating systems, including iOS, Android, mobile web, and Windows. A July 2016 survey conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange found that nearly half of businesses are moving toward native iOS mobile app development, and more than 39% plan to build apps in Android in the future. It’s important to let users help dictate what they need from the apps they use. For optimal user experience, greater support for technical and non-technical personnel to work together is crucial.

Gomochas FMP360 Mobile Solutions

Gomocha’s FMP360 has the answers to these issues. Our intuitive platform and mobile app are designed for mobile service teams and give technicians and business owners the power to manage their field service operations from anywhere – on any device.

FMP360 provides organizations with the tools they need to:

  • Maximize team productivity.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster reaction times.
  • Accelerate business growth and increase cross-selling with faster invoicing.
  • Ensure safety and compliance.

Gomocha puts this all at your fingertips, helping to crack the app code that boggles many companies.

Living in the solution to app difficulties is key to improving user experience and performance. Field service organizations need to develop apps that are easy for users to handle in the field and office, all while saving resources and improving outcomes. 


Cracking the Complexities in Enterprise App Development, SAP Enterprise Mobility Exchange.