4 Strategic Initiatives Field Service Organizations Can Implement to Navigate the Global Recession

As we face a turbulent economic landscape and the uncertainties that come with it, a wide range of companies in various sectors, including the field service industry, must take action steps if they want to survive — and thrive. The strategic investments field service organizations make will be crucial in progressing toward continued growth as they navigate the economic downturn.

Field service companies looking to persevere through the global recession should consider prioritizing the following initiatives:

Invest in Field Service Systems

It might seem counter-intuitive to make investments during an economic downturn. However, maintaining high-quality operations is the key to growing during the recession. Companies must invest in field service systems that keep their teams operating efficiently, reduce costs, and achieve the best ROI.

Organizations that want to emerge unscathed from the recession must invest in systems that help them process work orders, dispatch technicians to job sites, monitor service progress, and gather important data. Using technologies like the Gomocha Field Service Platform can help companies take their operational efficiency to the next level by enabling them to manage these systems in one program.

Field service leaders need to communicate the value of these systems to stakeholders to gain buy-in and funding. They must articulate the technical information in a business-oriented manner to demonstrate the expected ROI of these systems. Field service leaders who highlight tangible monetary benefits, such as anticipated cost savings and revenue generated, and intangible benefits, like improved customer satisfaction and technician productivity, will increase their chances of receiving stakeholder support.

Leverage Tools that Enhance Productivity

Using field service technologies will enable organizations to operate more efficiently and provide exceptional customer service as they navigate the global recession. Companies must embrace tools that facilitate seamless operations and increase productivity among their teams, such as automation, mobile and cloud technologies, and AI.

Many field service organizations still use outdated technologies with limited capabilities that slow down their processes. Companies looking to compete and stay relevant in the field service industry, especially during the recession, must adopt modern field service management (FSM) systems with a centralized program to manage their operations, from scheduling work orders to monitoring parts inventory.

Choose Technology Providers that Align Best with Their Organizations

Selecting a technology partner is a crucial decision that can be detrimental to a field service team if they fail to do their research. A potential solution provider’s reputation and track record in the field service sector is a strong measure of whether it will be a good fit, and they will understand the challenges you encounter as a field service company. Additionally, evaluating the scope of technology a provider offers, whether their technology will help your organization become future-proof, and the expected ROI are critical factors to consider when selecting a technology partner.

Fostering a solid partnership with your solution provider will help you streamline operations, provide high-quality customer service, save money, and generate more revenue during the recession.

Integrate the Customer and Employee Experience

The core of a high-performing field service organization is its excellent customer service. As organizations navigate the recession, providing top-notch customer experiences will be the key to fostering long-term customer loyalty and staying ahead of competitor businesses.

Cultivating a workplace culture that values exceptional customer support is critical to field service organizations’ success in a turbulent economy. Field service managers must empower their teams to deliver the best customer service possible by providing them with the tools and training to excel in their roles.

As field service companies work to stay afloat during the global recession, they must focus on making strategic investments. Investing in field service systems and taking advantage of the technologies that boost productivity, such as the Gomocha Field Service Platform, will give them a leg up to thrive even in an economic downturn. Further, when field service organizations work with the right technology provider and integrate the customer and employee experience, they can weather the economic storm and emerge as even stronger field service companies.


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