Digital Transformations Benefit and Improve Business Outcomes

The new app economy provides rising tides for business in both opportunities and advancement, offering essential touch points like performance improvements and greater security. This evolving landscape means more opportunity. Healthy digital transformations in the app economy bring business growth and agility, customer focus and operational efficiency. Growth, customer service and efficiency are all key performance indicators that measure the impact of digital transformations and investments.

Revenue Through Digital Efficiency

Adapting to new market conditions means using the latest tools available. Business performance and technology go hand in hand — one feeds the other as business growth ensues and customer service improves. In this digital world, customers’ expectations are rising with the quick availability of information. Even when technological advancements bring challenges, they also bring solution-oriented answers for continued growth. The app economy also offers new business sources of revenue through digital efficiency. In fact, according to a 2016 global survey of 1,770 senior business and IT executives conducted by CA Technologies and Coleman Parkes Research, revenue from new business sources has increased by an average of 37% across the board.

Speed to Market on the Rise

Speed to market has always been one of the fundamentals of business, but now more than ever. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Speed to market has grown exponentially over time with improvements in digital transformations in the app economy. Consider how speed to market has increased by 33% with improved digital capabilities, which means more revenue growth and happier customers, according to the CA Technologies and Coleman Parkes Research study. 

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer focus and efficiency go hand in hand. Clients now have higher expectations and look for improved performance and security in the new economy. With customer expectations rising, field service software solutions help organizations perform at the highest level and adapt when needed. Seventy-four percent of businesses using these new technologies have seen an impressive improvement in customer experience. Happy customers feed the feedback loop by bolstering new business sources and speed to market.


While technology enables field service companies to grow through efficiency, speed to market, and customer service, you can expect that improvements will call for more improvements. With today’s ever-growing app market, consider how these digital transformation benefits can improve your business outcomes. Success in the new economy depends on adapting to new digital technologies that enhance performance and security — the two main things clients want. Digital transformations can help companies adapt to the world’s ever-changing speeds and expectations, keeping a steady rudder and providing the much-valued smooth sailing.


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