Resilience Through Field Service Solutions Brings Business Success

Technology is vital to resilience. COVID-19 changed the playing field for many small- and mid-sized businesses, altering how they work. In this crisis, companies seized an excellent opportunity to modernize and manage business processes. The field service industry was no exception to this. As a result, the field service industry leads the way to modernization with field service solutions.

Solutions-Driven Successes

While business operations like revenue, hiring, and spending had to change during COVID-19, they were reimagined by leveraging technology, especially field operations software. One consequence was that businesses responded by investing in technological assets to serve the needs of their customers and employees. According to the digital publication Field Technologies Online, technology has enabled smoother ways to “help manage budgets, maximize employees, enable remote work, improve cybersecurity” while seeing continuous improvements in customer service, especially through field service automation solutions. Moreover, IT professionals understand how the pandemic affected and changed the business landscape through modernization with field software. 

Small- to medium-sized businesses began implementing enterprise resource-planning software to “manage essential business processes, such as remote employee workflow, site scheduling, and job costing, in addition to tools for document management, business process management, and real-time data,” Field Technologies Online says. 

The field service industry was particularly challenged by COVID-19 protocols that made face-to-face interaction and field service scheduling difficult. While the industry narrowed its workforce and businesses took on remote work, the trend toward investing in technology only deepened, revolutionizing the way that field service companies meet demands by utilizing service call-management software.

With the pandemic causing disruptions in business operations, many small- and mid-sized businesses stepped up to modernize and employ new IT systems like service operations software. Field Technologies Online also confirms that national polling has corroborated this trend. Most companies polled expected to buy new technology to keep improving their competitive advantage and ramping up field service automation solutions. Even as things kick back into high gear and businesses settle into the “new normal,” many technology priorities will continue unabated.  Field service companies will continue to modernize and improve efficiency through technology and field service job management software.

Change Brings Growth

The new normal continues to prevail, bringing technological advances to fuel the future and continuing growth in the field service industry. Field service professionals’ resilience in overcoming the pandemic’s demands has only strengthened  business. Trends now look forward to future growth in hiring in the field service industry. There is no doubt that investing in technology makes field service businesses more agile in the drive toward reaching new horizons.


How COVID-19 Impacted the Field Service Industry, and Where It’s Headed, Laryssa Alexander, Field Technologies Online.