5 Key Trends Shaping Field Service in 2024

As we begin 2024, there are field service trends that organizations should keep on their radar this year. Technology is advancing rapidly, giving companies numerous opportunities to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Below, we detail the field service trends to watch in 2024:

Increase in Remote Services

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, field service organizations had to pivot their offerings if they wanted to stay in business. Since then, remote services have become increasingly more prevalent. Field service technology like the Gomocha Field Service Platform makes this service possible. Technicians can easily communicate with customers to walk them through troubleshooting and fixing issues, eliminating the time it takes for technicians to travel to the job site.

In 2024, more field service companies will provide various remote services. As this offering becomes more common, customers who initially didn’t feel confident in investing in this service will see the value and benefits of it.

Focus on Servitization

Servitization, the business model where customers purchase a service instead of equipment, will become a priority for field service companies in 2024. In servitization, companies focus on the outcome of the service rather than a traditional product-based offering, helping them provide higher quality solutions and enhance customer service.

Organizations implementing a servitization strategy have the resources to offer more personalized services to exceed customers’ needs, giving them a leg up on their competition.

Use of AI

Organizations across several industries increasingly leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for several functions in 2024. AI can automate processes like scheduling technicians and streamlining work order creation for field service organizations, eliminating the need for tedious tasks. This goes a long way toward providing improved customer support and converting clients into long-term customers.

AI can also provide critical insights, such as technician and equipment performance, to guide companies in making data-driven decisions.

Commitment to Sustainability

An increase in sustainable practices is another field service trend we’ll see throughout 2024. Organizations prioritize environmentally friendly efforts, such as regular equipment maintenance, reducing site visits with remote service, and refurbishing assets. These essential sustainability initiatives extend the lifetime of equipment and reduce carbon emissions, which lowers expenses and decreases the carbon footprint from production and disposal.

Integration of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is transforming the way field service organizations troubleshoot equipment problems. Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices collect the data companies need to determine asset performance. They enable organizations to proactively plan for and address potential equipment failures before they become an issue. This reduces costly problems, increases operational output, and helps companies provide better customer support.

2024 is shaping to be a year defined by technological advancements, boosting productivity and facilitating seamless operations for field service companies. We’ll see an increase in remote services, servitization, and the use of AI. Further, more companies will commit to sustainable practices and use predictive maintenance to plan and solve equipment issues proactively.