3 Innovative Ways to Digitalize Your Organization’s Entire Service Lifecycle

Digital field mobility solutions offer organizations cutting-edge ways to address the diverse needs of field service management (FSM) industries. Managing, mobilizing and monitoring are the three most crucial actions to digitalize and bring effective mobile field service management.

1. Manage                           

Managing your field service team is a high priority, and automating is crucial to field service solutions. Streamlining workflow is at the center of effective mobile field management. Automation at the field service site streamlines invoicing. Field service software improves processes, allowing engineers at the site to sign off on jobs quickly, making workflow more agile. Understanding your client’s accounts payable status at the site empowers technicians to shorten and reduce the service-to-cash cycle. This, in turn, mobilizes your workflows for seamless customer service and accounts payable. Collecting data with a goal ensures your scheduling algorithm works flawlessly with your service communications along all networks. Field mobility helps manage various stakeholders, from customers to field service workers, providing a healthy, forward-facing service ecosystem.

2. Mobilize

Knowing which technician to send to the field and ensuring they have the correct parts and tools to complete the job is crucial for mobilizing your team in real-time and keeping field service dispatch schedules seamless and up to date. Mobilizing field service dispatch through mobile field management software is critical for long-term success. According to a 2019 report by Forbes Magazine, 90% of current data was created in the past two years. The data we produce every day has only increased exponentially since then. This is a vital consideration when sending field technicians to service sites. Leveraging data is critical to your organization’s growth and service capabilities.

3. Monitor

Continuous improvement is the clarion call of mobile digitalization. Mobile field management empowers technicians to work in a unified manner and makes for a cohesive workforce. FSM technology helps managers see where field service technicians are underperforming to provide more training. Additionally, data collection with a goal makes for more successful business planning. Effective leadership depends on digitalization for uninterrupted improvement and understanding of all perspectives in the business ecosystem of field service companies.

Mobile field management software allows you to elevate your data accumulation to extend your business reach and customer service solutions based on clients’ data history. Asset data that is accumulated in the field is a significant factor in measuring productivity and monitoring performance.

Innovation and Excellence in Field Service 

The three M’s of digitalizing field service — manage, mobilize and monitor — are essential for excellence in field service management. Digital assets and productivity flourish under FSM digitalization. These three solutions for improving field service management are more than a one-off process, but instead, critical service infrastructure that enables your field operations to align with your customer service aspirations and bottom-line needs.

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