Importance of Field Service Planning

Assigning work is one of the most important aspects of field service planning, and it’s increasingly complicated. Your organization will reap many benefits, including increased customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, and higher employee satisfaction – all of which help ensure you can stay ahead of your competition. 

Planning in Field Service

Assigning work orders to technicians is one of the most important processes in field service. This can be performed in several ways, which we will discuss later. When assessing your organization’s field service efficiency, it is important to consider the effort and complexity required to manage workers in the field. The planner’s work is directly related to the call intake agents, and the technicians.  

How Mature is Your Organization’s Planning Process? 

The Gomocha team has identified four stages of maturity in the planning cycle, characteristics of which we discuss here, including the requirements for and the benefits of advancing to the next stage of maturity.  

  • Manual (Paper) Planning
  • Advanced Planning
  • Scheduling: Automatic Planning
  • Predictive Scheduling

FMP360 Grows with You

The FMP360 Platform is a stackable solution that enables your Field Service organization to change and grow through all the different planning maturity stages. For example, start using FMP360 for advanced planning. Then, when your organization matures and you need more functionality, you can easily move to Stage 2, the scheduling solution, by adding (or “stacking”) another module to your existing solution. 

Ultimately, when your organization is ready, you can move to Stage 3, predictive scheduling. With our stackable solution, there’s no need to replace your Field Service Solution. When you grow, our FMP360 Platform grows right along with you. 

With Gomocha’s technology solutions, organizations in the field service industry will develop ever more efficient service-to-cash cycles. View our solutions to get started simplifying and streamlining your business’s operations.