Why Would a Utility Company Need a Flexible Digitized FSM?

The electric utility industry is rapidly changing during our time due to the impact of natural disasters, cyber security, and the renewable energy movement. The changes made help companies develop and move towards digitized field service management. Utilities in the United States are looking to grow and move forward in the industry. As we see renewable energy take off, the need for digital field service management (FSM) has increased.

Growing Demand for Renewable Energy

With the ever-growing demand and rapidly changing supply systems like wind, hydro, and solar, companies looking to capture the reins of the energy industry need to have an easy-to-expand FSM in a digital place. Many employees need to reach their clients at the touch of a finger. As they do not work at a desk, an application like FMP360 will increase their communications and solutions.

Digitized Utilities

Let’s take, for example, an electric company. If you are a customer service manager of an electric company experiencing supply interruptions, you want to deploy the most knowledgeable service representative available. However, the best available resource is a contractor. With a flexible digitized FSM, the communication services between the contractor and client are efficient and less stressful.

The Internet Runs the World

The digitized world is taking over every industry. The United States plans to expand broadband networks to every part of the country, allowing everyone to connect to the internet. These companies must have a seamless digital FSM for their customers in case of cyber-attacks, internet outages, etc.

Gomocha is proud to offer FMP360 to utility companies across the United States. We believe that digitized solutions only strengthen the relationship between business and customer. Our system also advances businesses, increases customers, and helps the world handle utility solutions efficiently. Reach out to Martin at Gomocha or visit us online for more information about our field management software service!