How to Transform Your Field Technicians into Brand Ambassadors

Your field service technicians are your customers’ main points of contact, working closely with them and their equipment. Technicians are best positioned to upsell customers with solutions and products to solve their pain points. That’s why your technicians make excellent brand ambassadors for your organization.

A brand ambassador advocates for your field service company by spreading the word about your services and representing your business in a positive, professional manner. Empower your field technicians to step into the role of brand ambassador to help your organization establish a great reputation among customers, increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

We examine ways field service managers can encourage their field technicians to become brand ambassadors for their organizations:

Establish High-Quality Onboarding and Training Programs

The cornerstone of technician brand ambassadorship is an organized onboarding and training process. Providing field technicians with information and learning opportunities to strengthen their skills and build their in-depth product and service knowledge goes a long way toward helping them become positive representatives of your company. Technicians are better equipped to solve issues, communicate with customers, and upsell them with relevant offerings.

Communicate Organizational Values

Your field service organization’s core values should serve as the guiding principles for your technicians as they interact with customers, enabling them to represent your company as authentic brand ambassadors. When technicians align with company values, their actions reflect the true essence of your organization’s brand.

Equip Field Technicians with Technology That Gives Access to Relevant Data

Field service technology, such as the Gomocha Field Service Platform, provides managers and technicians with real-time data directly from equipment at customer sites. Having this information at their fingertips before visiting customer locations enables technicians to troubleshoot customer problems faster and, when appropriate and relevant, recommend additional solutions and products to solve their pain points.

Empower Field Technicians to Find Solutions and Make Improvements

Giving field technicians the freedom to troubleshoot and devise solutions to problems will help motivate them to step into the role of brand ambassador in all their interactions with customers, working to cultivate brand loyalty. When technicians have the autonomy to solve issues, they become proactive problem solvers instead of merely service providers. They’re more likely to feel a sense of ownership in their work and strive to offer high-quality customer service, skillfully representing your company.

Moreover, when field technicians have the freedom to troubleshoot and solve problems, they can recommend more customized solutions to customers, working to provide the white-glove service that keeps customers coming back to your organization.

Technicians are at the forefront of customer interactions, making them ideal brand ambassadors for your field service organization. By developing well-structured onboarding and training programs and clearly articulating your company’s core values, you can help your technicians step into this essential role. Further, providing technicians with field service technology to access crucial data and empowering them to fix issues and find solutions can establish them as exceptional brand advocates who represent your company in a positive light and promote your services to help solve customer pain points truly.