Gomocha Announces Release 5.0 with New Field Service Platform Features and Improvements

Gomocha is pleased to announce Release 5.0 of our field service platform. We have added several new and exciting features to the platform. This release also includes quality and stability improvements.

Below, we share highlights from the exciting updates that are a part of Release 5.0:

Mandate Attachments Before Completing Work

The Gomocha Field Service Platform can now mandate that attachments are attached before the technician can complete work– the Attachment function block and Questionlist attachment support this.

Annotate Images

Gomocha can now make annotations on images. This allows field technicians to indicate where damage or focus should be on an asset. Field techs can add arrows, rectangles, text, etc., to an image to draw attention to issues, leading to improved reporting.

Add Equipment and Custom Fields When Creating Multiple Orders

The field service platform can ‘bulk update’ from the ‘Create Multiple Orders’ screen, supporting Equipment and Custom fields.

Target Android App Software Development Kit (SDK) Version 33

Our Gomocha Android app targets new Android API levels within one year of Release 5.0 to comply with Google’s new policy. We also modified the minimum SDK version, making it possible for old devices that are not supported to download our application.

Add Multiple Questionlists to Multiple Orders

Gomocha can now ‘bulk update’ multiple orders and add multiple questionlists simultaneously.

Clean Up Unwanted/Unused Organizations

The Gomocha Field Service Platform has an internal tool that consultants can use to delete old and unused organizations from the server database.

Ensure Addresses Are Available for Quotes and Warehouse

The field service platform can copy the default warehouse’s address into the Quote’s address and warehouse ID. This will be synchronized to the iSAC interface.

These are just a few updates and improvements we have made with Release 5.0 of the Gomocha Field Service Platform.

At Gomocha, we conduct regular testing for our field service platform and obtain user feedback to ensure we provide the best solution for field service organizations. This release demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a high-quality product for our user community.

Contact Gomocha support if you have questions about the new release.