How Gomocha Elevated a Well-Known Beer Brand’s Service Delivery: A Customer Case Study

A well-known beer brand has elevated its service by leveraging the Gomocha Field Service Platform.

Based in the Netherlands, the brand consists of five departments that provide customers with an all-encompassing service model, from tap installations to the drinks and staff for event gatherings. The brand handles thousands of monthly orders with a limited number of technicians. Managing many orders called for improvements in follow-up maintenance and service quality.

Challenges Facing the Beer Brand

Before working with Gomocha, this beer brand’s service departments used a paper solution that caused errors and delays in registering invoicing times and materials. This resulted in a constant displacement of crucial time-sensitive information, lost productivity, and prolonged invoice-to-payment cycles.

The brand initially employed Gomocha’s digital mobile solution Field Vision, a predecessor to Gomocha, which ran only on Windows Mobile 3.5 devices and included an automatic scheduler. As a result, these devices became unreliable over time, and new replacement devices were needed but unavailable.

The beer brand switched to newer devices with different operating systems. In addition, the brand was looking to introduce a payment feature within the field service tool, enabling payments to happen immediately at the technician’s visit. The brand also wanted to optimize routing and scheduling processes regardless of city size or restrictions.

Gomocha Offered Solutions

Gomocha worked one-on-one with the beer brand to launch a customized, digital, real-time solution that integrates automatic scheduling and a mobile app. Gomocha provided brand technicians with step-by-step directions for installation and repair. The field service platform also offered the brand more automatic scheduling processes.

Gomocha’s ability to seamlessly integrate information within the Microsoft Enterprise Resource Platform benefited the beer brand tremendously. The brand increased its customer satisfaction rate and revenue. A reliable Microsoft architecture reduced risks and accelerated the adoption of change. Usability and faster service prevailed.

Gomocha Provided Numerous Benefits

Once the beer brand moved to the Gomocha Field Service Platform, technicians could streamline dispatch scheduling, dramatically increasing the organization’s productivity flow. These productivity improvements included a flexible system that could process updates efficiently.

Every new Gomocha update helped the beer brand’s departments experience optimized field service processes with a decrease in the necessary planners needed and decreased distance and travel time. This improvement in on-the-go processes based on real-time data insights also increased daily orders and, in turn, improved customer satisfaction.

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