Gomocha Maximizes Field Service Efficiency: Customer Success Stories

In the field service sector, efficient operations are essential for business growth. Managing numerous team members, processes, and assets can be challenging without the right technology.

At Gomocha, we’re dedicated to helping field service organizations reveal hidden efficiencies and win in a service-first world. Field service operators agree that Gomocha rocks. Our team is incredibly proud to call ourselves specialists in field service management. Several companies have leveraged the platform to elevate efficiency in their operations.

We share highlights from a few insightful client case studies below:

ASSA ABLOY Experiences Huge Gains in Efficiency and Productivity

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a global leader providing a comprehensive range of automatic entrance products and services and consists of multiple diverse companies that primarily operate independently.

The company found it challenging to plan and dispatch over 2,500 engineers and work orders efficiently, serve many markets, and manage many assets across customer locations.

When ASSA ABLOY leveraged Gomocha, the organization had access to a flexible and future-proof standardized field service management solution. ASSA ABLOY can use the platform to gather, analyze, and share data similarly across different subsidiaries and countries. Further, the Gomocha enables the organization to incorporate other systems and applications, including a customized safety app to report emergencies as needed.

ASSA ABLOY has experienced a 20% increase in customer site visits per day using Gomocha due to better insights from collected data and the scheduling functionality. Moreover, asset identification has become more efficient, reducing errors and ensuring the safety and security of the public and employees at customer locations.

KOMA Boosts Efficiency of Its Entire Field Service Operations

KOMA designs, produces, installs, and maintains cooling and conditioning equipment for facilities that make bread, pastries, and chocolate. Thousands of bakeries and chocolate producers worldwide rely on KOMA to install and maintain the stand-alone and central equipment necessary to produce and store top-quality baked goods and chocolates.

Previously, the company used a paper-based process to support and register work in the field, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Once KOMA implemented the Gomocha Field Service Platform, the organization had access to a digital planning and monitoring system that processes work orders efficiently daily. Gomocha’s dispatch module enables KOMA to monitor the progress of work orders, quickly locate work orders, and see where technicians are during the workday using GPS-enabled maps.

With the robust digital solutions provided by Gomocha, KOMA boosted the efficiency of its entire field service operations and streamlined its F-Gas and refrigerant fluid registration. The organization can quickly respond to changes in the industry and adjust the mobile process in-house using Gomocha’s Designer tools. Further, the shorter invoicing-to-payment cycles facilitated by Gomocha’s technology improved KOMA’s cash flow and operating margins. Documentation on-site enables KOMA to meet — and exceed — standards set by F-Gas regulatory laws, ensuring the integrity of their refrigerant management system.

Selecta Team Members Work More Efficiently and With Fewer Errors and Delays

Selecta is Europe’s leading supplier of self-serve coffee equipment, snack vending machines, and hot-and-cold beverage dispensers. The company services 12 million people in 16 countries each day.

Selecta Netherlands and its 46,000 customers operate under the terms of 60,000 unique service contracts covering 88,000 assets. If a coffee dispenser or vending machine fails, this information must be readily available, so call-intake staff and planners can dispatch technicians to repair it quickly.

While Selecta was using the precursor to the current Gomocha Field Service Platform, the company was experiencing business continuity risks due to old handheld devices, infrared modules, and a need for replacements. Refurbishing or replacing the existing equipment and hiring new IT specialists to keep the system running were out of the company’s budget.

Selecta leveraged Gomocha’s current app to restore high-quality field management operations. Using their smartphones, call-intake staff and planners have customer, contract, and asset details at their fingertips to prioritize service calls and dispatch the correct technicians to job sites.

The ability of the Gomocha app to run on current-model mobile devices is a significant benefit to Selecta, as these devices are less expensive and complex than the Motorola MC9000 devices the organization previously used. The app is highly user-friendly for field service workers. Even those without previous smartphone experience learned how to execute their work on the app in just four hours.

The entire Selecta team is now equipped with an easy-to-use solution that helps them carry out their work efficiently and accurately, strengthening the company’s image in their customers’ minds as an organization committed to providing high-quality services.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform brings efficiency to your entire field service team. Its features facilitate seamless operations, help prevent errors, and boost customer satisfaction. Companies like ASSA ABLOY, KOMA, and Selecta have successfully used the platform to take their field service operations to the next level.

Ready to streamline and optimize your field service operations? Get a first-hand view of what Gomocha can do for your organization.