Gomocha Announces Release 4.9 with New Features and Improved Functionality

Gomocha is pleased to announce Release 4.9 of our Field Service Platform. We have added many innovative features and functionalities to the platform, and quality and stability improvements.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the exciting changes included in this Gomocha release:

  • Warehouse Enhancements (Location)

Gomocha now supports the concept of a parent warehouse and sub-warehouse. Field service technicians can add, edit, or delete a warehouse assigned to them. All existing screens with material drop-downs show the parent warehouse and sub-warehouse hierarchy. We have also added the ability to audit Stocks, Warehouse, and Warehouse Authorization.

  • Optimized Search Capabilities

Gomocha can perform quick unfiltered searches that will ignore the other search filters. This functionality is available in Planboard, Call Intake > Customer tab & Call Intake > Asset tab.

  • Quickly Interact with Flows by Swiping the Order in Agenda

Depending on the configuration, users can quickly start/finish a particular flow by swiping the order to the right. In addition, autocomplete the questions, so the user can avoid spending extra time. Perform these actions right from the Agenda screen.

  • Jump Directly into a Flow Action With ‘Quick Start’ in Agenda

Users can jump right into a flow action, skipping order details, by swiping the order to the right and clicking the ‘Quick Start’ button.

  • Send Messages with Embedded Images

Gomocha allows users to send messages with embedded images to field service technicians. You can also create templates for future messages.

Important Notes About Gomocha Release 4.9

Tracking disabled for iOS app from the App Store. With the release of iOS 12, Apple is stricter about checking and approving new apps in the iOS store. Due to these checks, Apple has notified us that location tracking (GPS) is no longer permitted. As a result, we’ve updated the Gomocha Field Service Platform to disable the ability to retrieve location information when the app is running in the background. This means that users’ position information will be updated only if the technician actively uses the app. For MDM builds, we can enable this feature.

Automated planning has never been so easy. Pre-packaged automated planning can be easily activated on a server, for current and new customers to benefit from automatic, optimized planning. In addition, there is a special license file needed to use the automated planning. Please contact Gomocha support to arrange this.

At Gomocha, we’re committed to maintaining a high-quality product for our user community. We are proud that Release 4.9 will enhance field service organizations’ experience using our platform.

Contact Gomocha support if you have questions about the new release.