Field Service Organizations Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Gomocha: Success Stories from Our Customers

At Gomocha, we understand that boosting customer satisfaction while optimizing revenue and staying compliant is hard. That’s why our field service platform is dedicated to uncovering hidden efficiencies and matching skill with demand, so your field service technicians deliver an exceptional customer service experience that helps you increase revenue and remain compliant.

Several companies have leveraged Gomocha to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. Below, we share highlights from a few key client case studies that demonstrate how the field service platform can help cultivate happy customers:

Arodo Streamlines Operations to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Arodo, a company with base operations in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Denmark, and Poland, designs, delivers, and services tailor-made packaging machines. The business also designs and produces filling and packaging equipment and supplies.

While Arodo has offered cutting-edge products and services for more than 25 years, its field service and back-office teams were hindered by manual, paper-based processes. Further, the company’s traditional mobile and back-office processes were time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone, hampering innovation and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

Once Arodo leveraged the Gomocha Field Service Platform, technicians could register their work in the field, helping managers better analyze processes and make sound data-driven decisions. The Gomocha mobile app runs on consumer devices and all operating systems, regardless of internet connectivity, and a digital-scan feature lets technicians check inventory and register materials quickly. Moreover, customers have instant access to service reports summarizing, in their language, the work performed.

Using Gomocha, Arodo streamlined field operations, which resulted in increased team productivity and fewer errors and downtime of machines. This, in turn, significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention rates. Multiple technicians on one site can collaborate seamlessly using Gomocha, with each having access to all the relevant data on their responsibilities.

Geveke Strengthens Its Partnerships with Customers

Geveke, a company operating throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, installs and maintains highly technical industrial pumps and compressors at oil and gas production sites, chemical manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities.

The organization needed an updated solution consisting of specialized hardware and mobile devices. As the equipment aged, it became slow, unreliable, and difficult to support in the field. Geveke sought a solution to support field service technicians with their work, enabling them to register time and materials, and facilitate collaboration between techs working on the same job.

Geveke utilized Gomocha to streamline and improve call intake and order planning, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. Because the field service platform can run on any device, Geveke technicians can use various familiar devices and operating systems. Using Gomocha, technicians can complete work orders quickly and efficiently, and time and materials can be registered regardless of whether an internet connection is available, reducing errors and shortening the invoice-to-payment cycle.

Geveke’s customers need assurance that they have 24/7 access to technicians in the event of equipment failure or other emergencies, and Gomocha enables them to provide that guarantee.

“[Gomocha] plays a vital role in our customer partnership,” says a Geveke team member. We’re more efficient in the field, and that translates into confidence that we’ve earned the trust customers put in us.”

Koelweb Shares Real-Time Information with Customers, Boosting Satisfaction

Koelweb provides refrigeration solutions and services to deliver peace of mind to customers who value food and beverage quality and safety. The company serves customers in various safety-sensitive environments, such as healthcare and retirement facilities, school cafeterias, and catering operations. Koelweb also ensures that its customers comply with regulations and standards for using and properly registering F-gases and other refrigerants.

Koelweb had previously relied on a work order app that digitized its paper forms. However, as the organization grew and its field processes became more complex, it was apparent that it was time to upgrade to a solution that could change and grow along with the company. Standardizing processes and workflows to assist field service technicians were particularly essential because Koelweb and its customers must comply with regulations and standards for proper refrigerant use and disposal.

Gomocha interfaces with Koelweb’s existing ERP, and the Gomocha app supports multiple operating systems. It is critical because the organization wanted its technicians to use the handheld devices they were already familiar with. Further, Koelweb required a solution in the cloud to minimize IT costs.

With the Gomocha Field Service Platform, planners can make detailed work orders for equipment installation, preventive maintenance, and corrective service. Work orders can also be created in the field by technicians using their mobile app, which is essential because the 24/7 nature of Koelweb’s business means that urgent situations can arise when planners are not in the office to create work orders.

Using Gomocha, the company can share real-time information with customers, which has resulted in higher customer satisfaction. Koelweb can now also assure customers that they fully comply with regulations and standards for F-gases and other refrigerants.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform gives you the resources to foster happy customers and keep them returning. With features that enable companies to streamline processes for more efficient operations, keep customers in the loop with real-time reports, and allow technicians to collaborate, Gomocha is the technology organizations should consider if they want to amplify their customer satisfaction. Companies like Arodo, Geveke, and Koelweb have used the field service platform to elevate customer satisfaction ratings and retention.

Are you ready to elevate your field service organization’s customer satisfaction? Get a first-hand view of what Gomocha can do for your company.