Exceeding High Expectations Without Incurring Costs

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 11, 2017, and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Managing field service operations is a challenging task. There are many moving parts: You need to handle work orders, set schedules, dispatch employees and subcontractors, dealing with demanding customers, manage assets in far-flung locations, send invoices, and manage contracts. And that’s just the beginning.

You’re asked to perform on time and within budget, and there’s little tolerance for missteps and miscommunication.

The following scenarios describe sector-specific challenges our customers face and include details about how the Gomocha FMP360 alleviates the stress related to meeting – or exceeding – the demands that field service operations face daily.

Utility Providers 

Utility companies must meet high expectations from the public they serve. Ideally, they deliver the product continuously, safely, and reasonably priced. However, the challenges are common across all ownership and rate base forms. So how do we ensure the flow our customers expect without raising rates to compensate?

Utility providers are hierarchical, including in how they make decisions. For example, the IT team is usually far from the customer and not closer to the field team. In addition, every capital expense must be presented to and approved by a board of directors or county commissioners. But it’s becoming evident that best practices when sourcing and deploying software solutions demand roughly the exact opposite of both of these criteria.

The answer is to “dispatch smarter” with Gomocha’s cost-effective solution. Utility providers in our most populous states find that dispatching smarter – by iterating workflows and assets within the software – lets them deliver reliable service while incurring far less overtime expense. Sounds too good to be true, right? We can show you how in about an hour. The best part is IT departments don’t have to do much of anything!

Oil, Gas, and Renewables

Profitable energy production looks easier than it is. Producers are expected to deliver on time whether the fuel is flowing from a well or produced by solar panels or windmill farms. Producers are expected to deliver on time whether the fuel flows from a well or is produced by solar panels or windmill farms. That’s the known, predictable workflow.

But unpredictability happens. A broken pipe or a cable malfunction represents a large share of staffing costs. Field workers who know how to respond to one type of breakdown may need support once they arrive, and the margin for error is thin. Fines for overflow are calculated by the hour in some states.

Let Gomocha put dispatch and maintenance in a cloud-based workflow that keeps your workforce moving. With GIS integration, Gomocha can deliver everywhere you operate, like your best dispatcher and your most experienced field tech. The best part is you don’t need specialized IT skills to deploy our solution. Managers who know their department’s workflows can make the platform effective in a matter of hours.


Elevators, HVAC systems, retail systems, and warehouse sensors – a minute of downtime is too long. The servitization of devices is underway. Demand is changing to the point where asset purchase is no longer the goal; guaranteed uptime is the metric to deliver.

Commercial opportunities for those businesses are as significant as the challenge of implementing a reliable and efficient support process in the field. With this business trend toward the servitization of devices, manufacturers will come out on top and successfully build the ability to adapt to change in their business architecture.

The changeability of processes to optimize customer satisfaction is THE key in today’s changing landscape. Gomocha offers a comprehensive tool that some of the largest firms in the world are using to keep their products fully operational at costs that leave room for profit. 

And as necessary, the tool can quickly respond to changes in business processes and shifts in customer expectations and demands.

Soon, assets will no longer be on the customer’s balance sheet. Soon, customer satisfaction is the only rationale for using your brand’s products and services. The coolest thing is the Gomocha solution doesn’t require capital spend. The best reason to use it is to ensure satisfaction.

To simplify and streamline your field service operations, Gomocha will guide you in implementing the FSM technology to thrive. Gomocha solutions uncover hidden efficiencies, matching skill with demand, so your field team delivers an exceptional customer service experience time after time. Learn more.