The Path to Improved Business Growth: Implementing Field Service Technology

Today’s technology must support growth, yet sometimes it makes sense to start simple to create multiple options to optimize service-to-cash processes for business needs. Excellence comes from innovative technical support. Field service managers that optimize field service technology stacks find it boosts productivity and increases revenue.

Start small and simple. All great beginnings start that way. So many small details are implemented as we begin down that yellow brick road to improve bottom lines. Technology is critical in supporting growth that enables us to travel the golden road to reach our destination. Mobile field solutions can start small, too. Automation is essential to boost productivity as well as revenue. New field service management (FSM) technologies can help you travel the yellow brick road to success faster. Field service industries know that making a sale for the future while fixing today’s problems is the way to build a business.

Automation is key to expanding businesses of all sizes. As any field service manager can attest, it’s critical to use technologies to prevent revenue leakage by giving field service teams the necessary information before visiting a site. In addition, improving first-time fix rates helps speed up a slow service-to-cash cycle.

Suppose an organization isn’t receiving cash promptly. In that case, field service management tools can help managers overcome these challenges by automating processes and accumulating data through digital processes. More information on site means more possibilities for sales. Funding FSM tools makes sense in this light. If cash comes in quicker, it empowers service technicians to make additional sales for future service when FSM tools regularly register the needed information in the field. Implementing new field mobility systems and technology will help the bottom line, customer service, and productivity of technicians on site.

Following the Yellow Brick Road to Success

The golden road to increasing bottom lines is paved with knowledge and business smarts. Step by step, optimize service-to-cash cycle with the best technologies available. It’s essential to leverage technologies that adapt to helping field service technicians find ways to solve problems, increase customer satisfaction, and business bottom lines.

Asset data is crucial in the field. Most new assets used in field service require streamlining the digitalization process to ensure accuracy on the job. It is best practice to always provide field service teams with the tools they need to easily measure productivity in the field, allowing for meaningful analysis. Looking toward digitalization in the field is the No. 1 method of improving results by adapting to a data-driven world. According to a 2019 report by Forbes Magazine, 90% of current data was created in the past two years.

Make Sure the Field Service Technology Is Flexible

Ensure that your field mobility solution is flexible enough to allow for changing demands as you grow on your digitalization journey. The need to improve the service-to-cash cycle is more important than ever, especially in our post-pandemic world, as economies are still struggling to regain footing.

Encourage field technicians to build a solid knowledge base, integrating survey capabilities. Boosting service P&L through digitalization is key. Collect data digitally, and don’t let an existing ERP system or landscape limit your ability to empower field service technicians. Avoid thinking this is a one-off process.

Today’s technology can help you travel the road to success in simple steps that will grow your organization, all while helping field service technicians give your business the edge. Effective leadership considers all stakeholders, from customers to the field service team, providing solutions for customers through digitalization and field mobility that are flexible and accurate.

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