FMP360 Harnesses the Power of Data

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 23, 2016, and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Business intelligence (BI) is a cyclical process in which data is registered, collected, analyzed, and distributed, allowing decision-makers to recommend organizational improvements. Gomocha FMP360 supports client organizations in this process, offering valuable data and cutting-edge insight to enable clients to make process improvements and achieve workflow efficiency.

Business Intelligence Cyclus chart

Registering Data

The Gomocha FMP360 provides client organizations with precious information. Within the platform, data registers by administrators and planners – and especially by field staff.

Registered data can include the number of hours that employees worked; their travel time and mileage; materials consumed, categorized by type of work; schedules of work; and when field workers have executed their planned projects. Within FMP360, this registered data is available for detailed analyses on many operational management levels.

Collecting Data

All relevant information must come together to make data reliable. Within FMP360, the central server database is the spider in the web where all information gathers – orders, customers, assets, contracts, work schedules, and materials – from ERPs.

Analyzing Data

The data collected in the central database of the server represents a robust dataset for client organizations. Configuration of analysis queries enables clients to become learning organizations. Users can query the various data sets from FMP360 and combine them for new insights. The platform provides insight on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allows tracking of critical business issues, and answers questions such as: 

  • How long are work orders open?
  • How long on average do employees work on particular types of job?
  • Are employees completing their planned work on schedule? 
  • If not, what caused delays? Was work inappropriately planned? Was there a backup?
  • How much time is wasted on inefficiently planned orders and wait time for your employees?

In summary, FMP360 provides the resources and tools to allow clients to tap into vast information and perform conclusive analyses. In addition, data can be combined with external datasets, allowing entirely new analyses. 

Distributing Data

The data in FMP360 is collected, registered, and analyzed within the platform to deliver real value in easy-to-understand dashboards and report formats. Dashboards provide real-time information, which is sent directly to KPIs.

We can make the distinction between the operational dashboard and the management dashboard. The operational dashboard provides insight into the direct control of employees. For example, consider the importance of understanding when Service Level Agreements (SLAs) expire. It is essential to know which engineers are working, but more important is to know which mechanics perform behind schedule—the operational dashboard details the individual mechanic level or order level.

On the other hand, the management dashboard gives insight into how the company is doing. Here, totals and averages display across the company, branch, or region. In addition, the management dashboard provides insight into when and where problems occur. Most dashboards are simple and signal to alert management where the organization stands at a particular moment. This data is accessed via the cloud and an app with the right tools.

In addition to the operational and management dashboards within FMP360, reports are also available. Where a dashboard in real-time shows at a glance how your organization is performing, reports offer more information. While they take time to create, they allow users to zoom in on specific data. In addition, they give new insights and help users detect trends.

Reacting to Data

Ultimately, the processes aim to provide insight into operational inefficiencies. Then, when problems arise, management can make improvements, avoiding similar future issues. You can schedule technicians and customers based on their locations, compare traffic, and more. These analyses will improve your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction when they don’t have to wait on their techs.

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