Building a High-Quality Remote Service Team: 3 Crucial Skills Your Field Service Technicians Should Possess

Amid the global pandemic, field service organizations shifted their service offers to provide remote solutions to stay in business during lockdown. Companies continue expanding their remote service offers even as the pandemic moves behind us. As a result, field service businesses are seeking technicians with specific skill sets that help them grow their remote solutions.

If your organization is expanding its remote service and hiring new workers, looking for candidates who can help provide exceptional remote solutions to customers is crucial. Consider prioritizing the job applicants who possess the following valuable skills and abilities, and take steps to train your current workers to strengthen their skills in these areas.

Digital Proficiency

Technology is the most significant facilitator of smooth remote service. High-quality remote service relies on little effort from the customer and more sophistication from the field service team. As field service organizations implement tech platforms to provide remote service, technicians must have the technology know-how to operate efficiently.

An all-in-one field service solution, such as Gomocha, is an excellent way to manage operations, from scheduling service phone calls with customers to monitoring equipment to measuring KPIs under one platform. Technicians must learn to use this technology quickly and efficiently, collaborate with co-workers and customers, and adapt to updates and changes.

Select job candidates who can demonstrate they are technology savvy and willing to learn new software and platforms.

Knowledge-Sharing Competency

As field service companies expand their remote service offerings, knowledge sharing is essential to keep operations running smoothly. Technicians should be effective communicators of critical information to co-workers.

As your organization begins to offer new remote solutions, technicians may encounter unique challenges. Learning from these challenges and sharing this knowledge with team members allows for smoother service.

Ensure the job candidates your organization hires can articulate the value of knowledge sharing and show that they understand its importance.

Customer Service Expertise

While exceptional customer service is crucial for on-site visits, remote assistance is critical. As field service organizations demonstrate the value of remote solutions to their customers who may not be on board initially, providing high-quality customer support is one of the factors that will help them see the value in remote service.

Whether it’s video calls with customers to walk them through fixing an issue with an asset or a phone call to explain how to set up a new piece of equipment, excellent customer service is essential.

Technicians must communicate with customers, remain patient, and ask for feedback and questions. Suppose your field service organization wants high-quality, white-glove service to take business to the next level. In that case, hiring workers who can demonstrate they have top-notch customer service skills is vital.

As field service companies continue to grow their remote service offerings, we will likely see an increase in the need for remote service technicians. If you’re expanding your remote service offerings and hiring to support this initiative, look for digitally proficient candidates with knowledge-sharing competency and customer service expertise. Training your current team members to help them hone their skills in these areas will go a long way toward cultivating a high-quality remote service team.


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