Bridging the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction with Technology

The field service industry, especially the construction sector, has been experiencing a shortage of skilled labor. The construction field is projected to require an additional 500,000 workers beyond the typical hiring pace to meet increasing demands in 2024, according to the recent Construction Market Insights report from global construction consultant Linesight. Navigating the lack of workers with the particular skills and experience needed for job roles has left many organizations searching for innovative solutions to fulfill customer demands and complete projects on time.

Modular construction, which offers organizations opportunities for more efficient, streamlined operations, can mitigate this skilled labor shortage in construction by utilizing technology and automation to enhance productivity and reduce the need for a large workforce.

Below, we examine how modular construction strategies using technology and automation are addressing the skilled labor shortage in construction:

Decreases the Need for On-Site Labor

Modular construction relies on producing components in off-site factories utilizing innovative technologies and automated tools that facilitate standardized processes. This enables efficient mass production and decreases the inaccuracies typically associated with traditional building operations. Prefabrication reduces the need for on-site technicians, helping to minimize the workload burden on current techs and alleviate the skilled labor shortage in construction.

Leverages Innovative Manufacturing Strategies to Address the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

As innovation in the construction industry continues to evolve, notable technological advancements propel the industry forward. 3D printing, robotics, and AI tools help modular construction teams automate tedious work. This improves efficiency and reduces the need for a larger workforce, as the technology takes repetitive tasks out of technicians’ hands so they can focus on the work they are specialized to do.

Optimizes Schedules and Tasks

A high-quality field service platform like Gomocha can help your modular construction company maximize labor efficiency, reduce reliance on a large workforce, and minimize the skilled labor shortage in construction.

With Gomocha, you can quickly find the most affordable and qualified subcontractors for your modular construction projects. The platform lets you organize their schedule based on availability and location and set their tasks to help maximize their time.

Improves Training Programs to Mitigate the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

Modular construction companies can use technology to create bette;training programs to upskill their workers.

Field service platforms enable technicians to engage in remote training, such as virtual courses and webinars, and view training materials regardless of location.

Moreover, field service platforms support knowledge-sharing mechanisms to exchange best practices, customer history, procedures, and more among managers and technicians. This helps current technicians stay up to date with the changing demands of the modular construction industry and reduces the need to hire new workers with skills that match the evolving sector.

The Gomocha Field Service Platform is an excellent option to strengthen your technician training program. With Gomocha, organizations can facilitate training in three different locations:

1. If the customer has a knowledge-sharing platform, they can share its URL in the work order.

2. The customer can select the Help & Support menu option to open a SharePoint platform for knowledge sharing.

3. Customers can access a wealth of information, including manuals and other documents, as well as URLs on specific assets.

Empowering your technicians with the right tools and information is key to addressing the skilled labor shortage in construction. Teams in the modular construction industry are embracing technology and automation tools to help their organizations become more efficient, provide higher-quality customer service, and overcome the labor shortage in construction.

Are you ready to tackle the labor shortage in your construction business? Outsourcing jobs by employing subcontractors is a great way to expand your organization and cover more expertise without hiring new technicians.

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