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Regardless of the type of product you’re manufacturing — be it HVAC equipment, sliding doors or healthcare communications systems — your customers rely on you to produce equipment that performs flawlessly. Equipment must be well-maintained to ensure optimal output, preventing equipment downtime in critical and maintaining round-the-clock productivity is imperative. The demand for the kind of regular maintenance that’s needed to maintain optimal productivity, efficiency, and high performance has led to an increased focus on servitization.

Field Service Challenges in Manufacturing

Meeting extensive customer demands.

Customers expect the best possible output from their equipment. This has resulted in more-rigid SLAs that factor in greater outcomes — in this case, longer uptimes.

Providing customer self-service.

More customers are embracing a hands-on approach to service. They want to be able to handle and solve any issues themselves. This has made the adoption of self-service diagnostic tools a critical factor for equipment manufacturers.

Global competition.

Since customers rely more heavily on repairs than they do on replacements, the growing number of responsive (and affordable) service providers is posing a real source of competition for equipment and machinery suppliers and installation specialists. Equipment suppliers that do not offer reliable and affordable field services run the risk of losing valuable customer contact if their customers turn to other providers for service.

Regulation and compliance.

It is difficult to keep up with increasingly complex sets of regulations and compliance measures, which vary significantly from one region to the next.

Quick Wins with FMP360

fast implementation

intuitive interfaces reduce the need for training

optimal planning of resources worldwide

decrease in machine outages

cost savings

online and offline capability

many languages available

increase in customer satisfaction

prompt invoicing

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