Workflow Designer

Drag-and-drop functionality to digitize workflows

Design What You Need, When You Need It

Can i edit my work flows?

Whatever type of work order you need to support, our unique Workflow Designer lets you easily create the right process for each activity type. Provide technicians with the correct information and let them register whatever is needed during the process. And if you want to change the process based on feedback from your field service team or your customers, it’s just “click and go.”

Drag and drop

The best part is, you decide which information is available in the process and which data must be registered at which step – no coding required! You just drag and drop the data fields on the registration screens.

How can i edit process steps?

Every step of every process can easily be defined, and instructions on how processes are to be executed can also be determined. In addition, required registration tasks can be included exactly where they are needed in the process.

Automatic App updates

After designing the process flow, process steps, registration task(s), and screens, making the app configuration available for your field engineers is just a mouse click away. No new app in the App Store, just a simple re-login to the FMP360 App is all that’s needed to keep your business running and keep it 100% flexible.

Design your activity workflow and configure the data that is needed


Always the correct digital form!


Full and easy customization of call-intake and planning processes.


Automate and optimize your routine workflows


Register any data

Grow your field service operations

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