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Create your digital forms using the Questionnaire Designer

Transform all your paper-based checklists

The Questionnaire Designer lets you transform all your paper-based checklists to the digital platform – ensuring that all the data related to inspection, maintenance, audit, safety and other activities is captured at the right time and accessible immediately. No need to take data from a paper form and enter it into another system, and no worry about multiple versions of the same information being in different places in your organization.

What if you have hundreds of forms?

Want to replace your paper form with a digital form in your mobile app? No problem! But what if you have hundreds of forms? Is your technician capable of finding and using the correct one for the job? With our unique Questionnaire Designer, you can specify which forms are to be used for every activity type, object type, and activity status – so your technician is always assured of using the right form for the job.

Can i create my own forms?

The easy-to-use Form Designer allows you to develop your own digital forms, which can be linked to your workflow or to certain assets. This allows you to link the correct forms to each process and each type of asset. Field Service employees will not need to think about which forms to use.

No coding required

With the Questionnaire Designer, you’re in control of your checklists because they are seamlessly integrated into your field service processes. And there’s no coding required; just drag and drop the data fields to be used within your checklists and hit “publish” to make them available. You can always respond quickly and easily when additional changes are required. Field engineers don’t have to do anything to make sure the checklists are available; they become available automatically using the FMP360 App.

Design your digital forms quickly and easily

Training Questionnaire Designer

Take advantage of a hands-on Questionnaire Designer Training Session to expand your depth of knowledge about all the ways that you can design – and redesign – questionnaires. 

In this training session, to be held on January, 29, 2020, you will learn that questionnaires are useful for more than discovering what customers think about their experience with your field technicians. They can also let you create inspection forms to register and track assets or installations. 

Register for a hands-on, interactive Questionnaire Designer training session to be held in January 2020.


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Full and easy customization of call-intake and planning processes.


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