Layout Designer

Full and easy customization of call-intake and planning processes.

Full and easy customization of call-intake and planning processes.

configurable dashboard

Customize and fine-tune the “look and feel” of the portal so that it can adeptly handle all the data that flows into and out of the organization, streamline all organizational business processes, and boost efficiency in call-intake and planning activities.


The Layout Designer within FMP360 allows you to streamline and improve your order-intake and registration processes, ensuring that the correct data is displayed in the correct location.

work more efficiently

It is easy to group and position order, customer, asset and registration data wherever you want so that all relevant data can be found at a glance – allowing your service desk to work more efficiently and keep the customer informed of all pertinent details. Irrelevant data can easily be removed so it doesn’t take useful screen space and – more important – so it will not distract staff from the tasks they are working on.


And because all information is configurable, planning and dispatching processes are more efficient. Customized layouts enable employees do their jobs with speed, efficiency and accuracy – which helps ensure that customers are satisfied with the services they receive.

Design the screens to match your information needs


Drag-and-drop functionality to digitize workflows.


Always the correct digital form!


Automate and optimize your routine workflows


Register any data

Grow your field service operations

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