Flow Transition Manager

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Scenario 1

The Flow Transition Manager allows you to automate workflows based on a set of criteria and business rules. For example, if a certain registration is handled by a field engineer and a back-office employee needs to be informed that the work order registrations need to be checked and approved, the Flow Transition Manager automates the process, assigns an appropriate status to the work order – such as “to be approved” – and the back-office employee who is responsible for the approval step will see this work order in the to-do list.

Scenario 2

In another scenario, a work order cannot be finished because of a skill mismatch with the field engineer, so you need to inform your planner that another field engineer needs to be scheduled for this work order. By automating this process, the updated work order with the correct status will be brought to the attention of the planner so the work order can be rescheduled. 

many ways to work more efficiently

These are just two of the many ways that the Flow Transition Manager can help you be more efficient and more focused on the on the customer and the work to be performed.

Automate workflows using the Flow Transition Manager

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