Database designer

Register any data

Your back office operations fully optimized

No more limitations

Frustrated by missing data fields, limitations on the number of “extra fields” you can use in a Field Service Solution, or the inability to display and register all the required data within your field service processes? Those frustrations will no longer occur when using FMP360.

Easily add new fields

With Database Designer functionality, you can easily add new information or register fields which can be used immediately in your mobile field service processes. Don’t wait until your ERP supplier adds this field in its system; instead, with FMP Database Designer, you can optimize your field service processes independently – and within minutes.

Extend your data model

The Database Designer functionality within FMP360 is robust, allowing you to extend your data model with easy steps and letting you display in the simplest and most straightforward way possible all the important data on a work order screen, so that planners and field engineers can work with confidence and precision.

Immediately available

Do you need engineers in the field to register more data? Just add those new fields and tables – and create reference data to other tables in your data model – in order to combine tables and fields (including the interface to potential back-office systems). No coding required! With simple clicks, it is done and available immediately for use in your field service processes.

Add tables and fields with simple clicks using the Database Designer


Drag-and-drop functionality to digitize workflows.


Always the correct digital form!


Full and easy customization of call-intake and planning processes.


Automate and optimize your routine workflows

Grow your field service operations

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