FMP360 features

This dataset presents the features of FMP360.

Service Center/ Planning


  • View work by location
  • Advanced Quick Search filters to seamlessly find data such as (assets, orders, customers) across entire FMP360 platform
  • Set custom fields based on frequent criteria searched
  • Utilize maps and layers
  • Travel time calculations
  • Crew management
  • Project work
  • Route planning and GPS integration
  • Subcontracting (manually set prices for additional work)
  • Manage field quotes (i.e. open, won or loss)

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Automated calculations
  • Business logic capable
  • Crew management 
  • Complex jobs planning
  • Shift planning (see set of advised time slots)
  • Advanced Scheduling and route optimization 
  • Automatically assign individual or batch orders in advance to multiple engineers based on various metrics and business rules
  • Manage/configure smart algorithms used for scheduling with criteria such as (distance traveled, SLA’s, skills required, start/ending location and route optimization
  • Track/assign work orders to self-employed engineers (subcontractors)
  • Field quoting (create/adjust/finalize price quotes)

Customer Centric database

  • Advanced “Quick Search” filters to find data
  • KPI’s
  • Documents
  • Mantain opening hours per customer, asset and order
  • Payments
  • Asset tracking
  • Customer Portal
  • Maps and layers
  • Write & send proposals from within the portal
  • Case, Contact and Order Management
  • Enhance safety protocol with create-your-own- question lists
  • Track all connected devices within an organization


  • SMS alerts to key personnel
  • Real-time interaction with your mobile workers and self-employed engineers

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“Gomocha is able to implement the platform in our organization in a short period of time, without disrupting our ongoing activities. The reduction of implementation risks made the decision process that led to working with Gomocha, very simple.” Dick Tuin, Head of IT, Rendo

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