FMP360 features

This dataset presents the features of FMP360.


Track relevant metrics for your business

  • Dashboard views of key performance indicators enable managers to track performance and identify existing or potential problems.
  • Track labor hours for projects and service work
  • GPS tracker to compare recorded hours vs. actual hours and the daily activity of technicians

Data goldmine for predictive analytics

  • Data obtained from fleet vehicles
  • Data received by the back office from service visits
  • Data received from IoT-connected client devices
  • Machine learning algorithms and predictive mechanisms

Reporting & Analytics

  • Full visibility of crucial operational data
  • 24/7 access to real-time and historic reports
  • Create and customize dashboards
  • Download report data to Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Variable (CSV) formats
  • Demonstrate utilization of subcontractor resources  

See your business at a glance

  • See how efficiently your scheduling/planning is working
  • See how long it takes for each technician to complete certain jobs and improve their distance traveled
  • And even see your customer service efforts

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“Gomocha is able to implement the platform in our organization in a short period of time, without disrupting our ongoing activities. The reduction of implementation risks made the decision process that led to working with Gomocha, very simple.” Dick Tuin, Head of IT, Rendo

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