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Reduce Data Entry Errors and Improve Technician Performance With New Business Rule Calculations From Gomocha

Our Gomocha Development team has just launched an exciting new development feature into our FMP360 platform! Under the FMP360 Design tab in the portal under Forms Designer, field service organizations now have the ability to create your own automated “mathematical calculations” that will be based upon unique configurable variables coming into the field from FMP360 users. 

Normally, field users have to encounter many different types of pressures in the field, including watching out for errors in data entry that often lead to billing discrepancies and data entry errors. Now pile on the added stress of what field users encounter with on a daily basis when they are trying to put together estimates for discounts or invoices and materials quickly and on-site with customers! Especially if manual, paper processes are used, which can make it all the more difficult to manage and make it extremely open and vulnerable to error.

That is why Gomocha now has created Business Rule Calculations!

Eliminate Manual Errors with Quick Calculations

This “quick-calc” field essentially allows your field technicians to input any sets of numbers into the designated fields and have those values run through various unique formulas you have created, resulting in a no mess, no error – accurate final total. There is no need for calculators or doing math in your head, our new tool does the work for you instantly!

The best part of the Calculation fields built right into the FMP360 platform and mobile app is that it’s incredibly user-friendly and configurable to adapt your changing business needs and can be implemented into many different processes.

For example, on the mobile screen, the field user will enter in a value for variable X (total dollars), and variable Y (discount) and this will then calculate exactly how much percentage the customer is receiving. While this is just one example of what this new feature can do, the driving force behind the idea is that customers can now create any sort of math formula they aim to get a desired result from the field.

Using a combination of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division these mathematical rules allow you to have the option to create simple and even more complex formulas for determining everything including:

  • Quantity
  • Cost
  • Percentage
  • And more!

Field Benefits of Automated Business Rule Calculations

The world around us is continuously changing and so is your organization. If your organization has been focused on going down a path of utilizing mobile forms, then you should definitely be using Calculation fields within forms!

You will immediately realize that the time and (reduced headache) benefits that come from manually using a calculator and taking it out of your field users hands into their field mobile app, to do what it was designed to do! Some additional benefits tied to this also include increases in data collection speed and data accuracy.

Lastly, for inspection-oriented businesses, the added value that comes from this simple, yet powerful tool is nothing short of game changing and will definitely have the most impact! By utilizing an inspection-type form into the daily routines of your technicians, you can choose to have certain business rules tied to any type of data calculation you choose to set.

A scenario of this can be used if for example a field technician is told to go check the pressure in a
set of pumps. He or she can then take the pressure reading and input that into the mobile screen. The calculation can have a specific business rule associate with it that indicates that if the pressure is below a certain value, it will then force the user to fix the pump before continuing. Another example is taking a reading on the tightness of a bolt. If the bolt is between lets say (20-50), it passes inspection.  If the bolt value is less than 20, it is recommended (but not required) to be tightened and a message is displayed to tighten it.  If it is above 50, it is too tight and the user is stopped from continuing until it is fixed.

Utilizing these business rule calculations within your FMP360 Forms Designer is an amazing way to keep your field users empowered, focused and work more productively. If you’re ready to start building calculations within your mobile forms and utilize various business rules into the daily structure of your technicians, click here to see it in action and register for a free demonstration today.

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