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RENDO Netwerken Steps Up to FMP360 Release 3.11

Gomocha customer RENDO Netwerken (gas and electricity networks) began using FMP360 three years ago, and the company recently upgraded to FMP360 Release 3.11 to take advantage of all the features and functionality it has to offer. About thirty RENDO engineers will work with the latest version of the FMP360 App and Mid-Office to broaden the reach and scope of RENDO’s planning and customer service initiatives.

One of the most interesting and beneficial new features that RENDO and its customers will now be able to experience is a Customer Portal, which the company asked Gomocha to add to the platform. Using the Customer Portal, RENDO customers are able to log in to confirm or reschedule a service or maintenance visit that RENDO’s planners would have previously set up. If a customer discovers a conflict in her schedule, for example, she will be able to log in, find the appointment that the planner set up, and request a different two-hour timeslot that the Customer Portal shows is available. Customers will be able to enter their email address so they can receive confirmation of the changed appointment.

Allowing customers to access the Customer Portal minimizes the number of customer calls and requests that planners need to process, freeing them up to handle more complex work – such as monitoring the workload, ensuring adherence SLA details, and overseeing other mission-critical activities.

RENDO and its subsidiaries manage regional electricity and gas networks. The company is a certified provider for the design, construction and management of gas and electricity metering devices onsite at residential and nonresidential locations. The Customer Portal is a win-win: providing not only convenience for customers, but also organizational efficiency for RENDO.

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