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Gomocha’s latest FMP360 release now provides subcontracting functionalities, enhanced advanced scheduling capabilities and much more!

We are pleased to announce a release that is sure to provide your Field Service organization – and its back-office management – the necessary tools they need to not only succeed, but thrive! Release 4.4 provides much more enhancements and robust functionalities than ever released before. Some of the enhancements were requested by customers to provide better streamlined processes and boost efficiency across current systems while also helping to adapt to the latest tech trends. Others were made because our second-to-none developers and implementation specialists consider them important for all FMP360 customers as they seek to improve productivity and prepare for the future.

Among the important enhancements you will discover in FMP360 Release 4.4:

  • A new Subcontracting functionality that allows your organization to efficiently work with subcontractors and track their work. If your organization works with subcontractors, tracking the work they do differently from your full-time employees can be a completed process. This brand new functionality boosts efficiency by allowing different contracts and different rates to coexist, while also allowing subcontractors to submit cost changes to ensure accuracy and eliminate error.
  • An enhanced “Map Overview” feature that now enables FMP360’s field users the ability to directly manage and plan out their days, navigate to work, and open orders all directly from a map view, in addition to the normal list view previously used.
  • A brand new feature to the FMP360 platform, that now provides field technicians with an impressive Field Quoting functionality. Within the field service marketplace, field engineers must start adapting to more a sales-oriented approach. Technicians no longer have to contact a salesperson to communicate issues or provide follow up. By providing the necessary tools directly to the field technician, FMP360 can now instantly speed up the quoting process, by allowing technicians to instantly provide price quotes to customers, on-site!
  • A completely upgraded overview of the FMP360 platform enabling businesses to now track all of your field mobile devices connected to an organization’s environment and where those devices are accurately located. A field tool, whether it’s an iPad or tablet, a Toughbook laptop, or a smartphone – are no small investments for organizations. If a device is lost, rest assured that an administrator can not only blacklist a device from logging on and syncing data until the device is found, but they also have the ability to fully wipe the device of company data so that it can’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Done in collaboration with our partner ORTEC, field users can now experience more robust and enhanced scheduling capabilities! This is done through the complete process of scheduling and planning multiple orders at once, also ensuring a fully optimized process through our new integrated engine which examines criteria such as: distance traveled, SLA’s, skills needed, where to end the day, where to start the day, and much more.
  • An Improved logon and logoff capability ensures the FMP360 mobile application to use a streamlined user logon and logoff process, making it easier and quicker than ever to use. Organizations can now configure how long they will allow their users to stay logged in without the need for re-entering their credentials, and users can now skip the database optimization process and authorize the process at a later date.

We hope you will enjoy these and all of the other enhancements that we have included in Release 4.4. Please refer to the Release Notes document for a full list of upgrades and additions, or contact us for more details by emailing info@gomocha.com, calling 240-403-6001, or registering for a free trial of FMP360.

Now available: FMP360 Release 4.4

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