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Release 4.2: Enhancements, Upgrades and Improvements

Gomocha’s latest FMP360 release available with flexible call intake UI, enhanced gateway and new features.

We are pleased to announce that FMP360 Release 4.2 has new and improved features and functionality to make sure your teams in the field – and in the back office – have what they need to succeed. Some of the enhancements were requested by customers to streamline their processes and procedures, and others were made because our second-to-none developers and implementation specialists consider them important for all FMP360 customers as they seek to improve productivity and prepare for the future.

Among the important enhancements you will see in FMP360 Release 4.2:

    • An enhanced call-intake user interface helps fine-tune the “look and feel” of the portal, making it easier for users to carry out call-intake and planning activities. This more-intuitive portal ensures accuracy and boosts confidence that organization-wide business processes are carried out promptly and without error.

    • A new and more robust level of “project and crew” functionality. You can now more easily manage multiple crews with drag-and-drop flexibility: you can plan, track, and evaluate the performance of multiple teams in the field to maximize team capacity, cut response time, and monitor workflow – in near real-time – on a central-office dashboard.

    • An enhanced gateway helps speed the flow of data across your entire organization. Back office staff can now get more done and get it done more quickly.

    • A more-robust FMP360 App helps crews in the field register and keep track of the equipment they use and the precise amount of time they use it, ensuring accurate billing for the use of special equipment when required.

    • A new App feature allows field crews to see server-generated reports, eliminating confusion and reducing the amount of time spent communicating with the back office. Additionally, the App’s background and text colors can now be changed to match those in the portal, helping to reduce confusion through uniformity of color coding.

We hope you will enjoy these and all of the other enhancements that we have included in Release 4.2. Please refer to the Release Notes document for a full list of upgrades and additions, or contact us for more details by emailing info@gmocha.com, calling 240-403-6001, or registering for a free trial of FMP360.

Now Available: FMP360 Release 4.2

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