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Gomocha's CEO Martin Knook recently annouced that it has acquired all of FieldAssist's customers across the European region, expanding its operational footprint across several industrial sectors.

AE WAARDENBURG, The Netherlands, (May 7, 2020) Gomocha, a leading provider of field service management solutions and one that aims to deliver cutting-edge mobile technology to fully optimize field service organizations, today announced that it is acquiring all of Aiming FA BV (FieldAssist) customers, expanding its industrial foot-print across several sectors including: the manufacturing, refrigeration, construction and vacuum industries. The acquisition presents a world of promising new beginnings for all those involved.

FieldAssist was first founded in 1999 and the company aimed at also specializing in the digitization and organizational planning of field service processes. The Netherland-based team has provided many years of experience, expertise and close collaboration with the international business sector both within its borders and abroad, which have resulted in establishing FieldAssist’s reputation for being a known developer of field service management software.

The new acquisition presents Gomocha with the opportunity to continue providing business owners of both small to large scale, with the proper technological solutions to streamline their current field service workflow processes that future implications will require. Martin Knook, CEO of Gomocha, shared his excitement on the news. 

“Gomocha has acquired a set of new high-profile customers from different parts of the European region in various industries and markets. We want to happily welcome them to the Gomocha family and we are looking forward to helping them grow their business and continue to support them with Gomocha’s overall knowledge and field expertise,” said Knook.

Gomocha will continue to leverage specific organizational processes from FieldAssist to provide continued structural support and consistency to its newly acquired customers, especially at a time where the recent pandemic has brought uncertainty to all business infrastructures. Gomocha is also in the process of solidifying specific internal changes, as we welcome three new FieldAssist employees who are likely to continue focusing on their previous developer and consultant roles. 

“The new employees will bring a wealth of knowledge in building and supporting customers in the manufacturing, refrigeration and construction industries and they will impressively contribute to building Gomocha’s expanding industry knowledge as well,” added Knook. “The integration of both companies is scheduled to take place over the next two months. Our clients, both withstanding and new, will continue to receive the same high-quality support, the highest level of performance and availability to all operations, as they have come to know and expect,” Knook further explained.

Lastly, the purchase also comes at a time where business uncertainty is exceedingly high, due to the changes brought about by the recent world-wide pandemic. When the staff of Gomocha, like many companies, faced the possibility of abruptly working from home due to the coronavirus measures, we were ready and prepared. As a technological based company that symbolizes the importance of connectivity, shifting to remote operations was a natural process and continues to be successful. The circumstances with which the world is currently in, not only shows the strength of Gomocha, but the organization as a whole, in addition to the value of future implications the company will bring to vital field service leaders around the globe.

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The name Gomocha is a derivative of the words Go Mobile and Change. in its 33-year history Gomocha has gained keen insight and deep expertise in Field Services, through an intense focus on supporting a wide array of digital work processes in the ever-changing enviroments in which customers operate. Gomocha has offices in the East and West Coats of the United States and in The Netherlands.

FMP360 is Gomocha’s modern platform for supporting mobile work processes. Its flexibility makes it simple to set up and work processes can be easily modified to meet company-specific needs. And of course, the FMP360 App can accommodate different types of field service activities, such as installation, repair, routines, maintenance, Inspection, or overhaul. Request a demo or a free, no-obligation trial at www.gomocha.com. 

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